Mission And Vision

Which is this blog's mission?
The mission of this blog is to create a bridge that will allow you, as an entrepreneur, become familiar with and understand, in a simple way, a friendly conversation and an informal tone, marketing, advertising, social networking and business management concepts, which sometimes can be difficult to translate from theory to practice, and put them to work on their entirety.

Growing a business, developing it, selling more and making more money, is a process that involves many things. Not only is about digital marketing and e-commerce, or social networking and public relations, but about a lot of areas that you should take into consideration when developing your business, whether you sell a product or offer your professional services.

What does your corporate culture have to do with your sales department's performance? or how the way you manage your money affects your marketing plan? or how the way you manage your human resources relates to your customer service department?

Well, they are closely related! If you pay attention to them, they all influence, whether directly or not, your business' development. For all questions you can have about these issues, there is this blog. And if you do not find a satisfying answer, we can look for it together.

Where is this blog heading to?
Where is this blog heading to?

As we move forward, I want this blog to become a place you can come to chat, share, talk and discuss topics related to your business, find timely tips from me, or the professionals who collaborate with me, and also share the results of your own experience.

May this be a space for learning and development, yours, mine and everyone's.

In the future, you will find here materials in different formats, recommended books, videos, and anything that can be nutritious, one way or another, for you as a business owner, entrepreneur and professional.

As José Martí, the Cuban poet said, "Every man, to consider himself complete, must plant a tree, have a child and write a book."

Well, I can say I feel myself complete: I have planted many trees in my life, I have two children I love, and now, this is my "book", and it is for you.

Enjoy it!

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