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If The Salesperson Is Not In, There Is No One Who Sells.

Do you have a "sales culture"?
A few weeks ago I heard the phrase "create a sales culture" within the company and it really caught my attention because it represents a need that many companies already have and probably have not realized it yet.

Has it ever happened to you to arrive at a commercial establishment to buy something, or just to look around, and nobody comes to you to assist you?

Or when you are, for example, in the corridors of these big stores, like Walmart or Home Depot, and you’re trying to find someone to give you information about a product you're looking for and no one shows up?

Or have you ever found yourself in those places where the people who are serving you seem to be doing you a favor instead of providing you with a service, for which you will be rewarding them with your purchase, if everything goes well?

It seems that in many situations, companies acting this way have forgotten who you are at that specific moment: the customer!

And it is not that I think that every customer deserves all the best attentions in the whole world at all times, or that he is to be paid homage or that all your employees knee down in front of them to pledge loyalty.

Your business will always depend on customers who buy your products or services.

Of course that is not what I mean, but what you can never forget is that YOUR BUSINESS WILL ALWAYS DEPEND ON THE CUSTOMERS WHO BUY.

And it is not otherwise: if there are no customers buying from you, the cash flow is broken, the company runs out of money and can not meet its obligations, from the most basic ones such as paying electricity, water and other expenses, to even the most important ones, such as payroll, employee bonuses, etc ...

Or is it that you have forgotten the money your company has is the one coming from the pockets of its clients, when they finally make the decision to buy the products and services your business offers?

Keep in mind all your business’ expenses are paid with paying customer’s money.

Unless you have a source of infinite funding, which is not usually the case, or you do not mind having to contribute money regularly to your business to cover the expenses, in which case you really should consider if you have a real business or simply a expensive hobby, every business lives on the money they receive from customers who buy their products or services.

That is your main source of financing and energy to run your business.

The best exercise that I recommend my clients to do so they can understand this point with more clarity is that they put themselves for a moment on their customers’ shoes.

Because this is an issue we should better see from two different points of view: as entrepreneurs or business owners, and our own point of view when we are buying things and acting as customers for any other business.

Because we are also customers at many points in time, are not we? And we go to malls and stores in general to buy things. And also when we act as clients, we do feel badly cared for, ignored, even despised by employees of those companies that have not taken the time to cultivate an adequate "sales culture" among them.

Because "sales culture" is nothing more than being 100% aware, at every moment of the day, that the success or failure of your business project depends on the customers who buy your products or services.

It does not depend on anything else.

All your employees and vendors must understand how important your customers are.

And that "sales culture" must permeate every corner of the company, from the person who picks up the phone to the guy who is responsible for delivering the merchandise.

Have you noticed, for instance, that many of the guys who deliver packages care very little that you are happy (or not) with the product you are receiving?

For them, their job is simply to deliver the package, the rest does not matter. If they arrive on time or not, if they treat you respectfully or not, if you are satisfied or not. They just don’t care. Their work begins and ends with the package delivered, and nothing more.

Hence the importance that everyone, at all levels, understand in the same way the role of the client within the business.

Because all employees of your company play a role, one way or the other, in the overall service proposal your company offers and all their actions are important when we think about generating customer satisfaction.

That is why it is important to have a corporate "sales culture".

Would you dare to tell your client to come another day because today you can not sell him what he is looking for?

Of course you would not!

Because you know there is no better opportunity to close a sale than when the client is already in your facilities, with money in its pocket and ready to buy.

What happens then if, that very day, your one sales representative is not in? No other person can procure the sell? No other person in your company or your store can make sure the customer is treated correctly and the sale opportunity is not lost?

All your employees should be properly trained and prepared to service an unexpected customer properly, even if it is not their direct responsibility.

And I think most of this whole situation comes from the fact that, for many businesses, especially the bigger ones, have forgotten the fundamental role of that individual who walks through the aisles of the store, who stops to look at the showcases and then decides to go inside to ask for some information, the person who calls on the phone to ask about something in particular, or even that individual who currently only represents for your business a customer code and a banking account number from which you withdraw money regularly, in the form of services fee, monthly subscriptions and so forth.

That individual is called CLIENT and represents the only way your company has to bring in money and grow, whether it is a customer who is already buying from you, or a potential customer who is yet to make a decision.

In any case, we always have to see the client AS AN OPPORTUNITY TO BRING IN MORE MONEY, because everything else starts at that point.

Then, and to wrap up this post, you should create within your company, regardless of its size, a true customer centric culture, your own "sales culture" so that all employees and collaborators understand the importance your clients have as the main source of energy (and money) for the business and the need they have to service every customer properly.

And, on top of everything, none of them should ever miss a sale opportunity simply because it is not their direct responsibility or because the sales representative or manager is not available at that moment.

Always keep in mind that a CUSTOMER NOT PROPERLY TAKEN CARE OF, IS ONE WHICH GOES AND BUYS FROM THE COMPETITION, and we do not want that to happen.

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