Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Focus On Maintaining Relevant Conversations On Their Favorite Places.

Nowadays it is impressive how many distracting elements exist in our environment that make us lose our focus and not concentrate on whatever it is that we are doing, at any time during the day.

Many years ago, the biggest source of distraction we had in the office was the telephone, or in the worst case, an annoying coworker. However, nowadays, fingers of our hands are not enough to count them all.

Each of them with its own arguments, its own attractions, but at the end of the day, sources of distraction for us.

I want to illustrate this post, sharing with you this story I made up: My friend John lives in a very nice neighborhood, north of the city, in which there are only two bars.

Paco's bar is one of them, a bar like those we are all familiar with, one without a comfortable atmosphere the truth be said, but you can always have a good time there if you are in good company. The prices can not be said to be very cheap either, but again, to share with some friends just for a little while, it works fine. It also has a television screen, not a very big one, but enough to enjoy your favorite game.

Four streets further up there is a new bar, which is called "La Cervezada", John's favorite. It is a very modern bar with a beautiful decoration, the tables are extraordinarily comfortable, it has a gigantic television screen and prices do not have anything to envy to any other establishment of the same type. You could even say that it has almost the same prices one will find in Paco's bar.

My friend John usually stops by almost every day when he comes back from the office, expecting to meet ther some of his neighbors, have a couple of beers or some coffee, enjoy a little chat and then head home.

The fact it is your favorite site, does not mean that it is your customer’s preferred place too.

However, none of John's friends like the new place and prefer to stop by at Paco's bar. This bothers John a lot because he is sure that if they got together at "La Cervezada" they would enjoy a better time, but that is not the opinion of his friends. All of them prefer to always meet at Paco's bar.

What did our friend John do in the end? Easy: when he wants to share with his friends and spend some time with them, he goes directly from the office to Paco’s bar. He always has the opportunity to go to "La Cervezada" if he doesn’t mind being alone, but if it is about being with his friends, then it is at Paco’s.

What does this all mean?

You must focus your attention on sites of interest to your customers.

As my friend John learned, if he wanted to share with his friends, he had to go to Paco's bar. The same criteria you must use when it comes to making the most of your time and avoiding unnecessary distractions: you should go to the places your customers are interested on, regardless of whether those places are not your favorite ones.

And even more now that you have so many different options to choose from, and so little time to be present in all of them.

Time really turns to gold when it comes to managing your presence in digital environments. Use it wisely!

No matter that facebook is your favorite channel, or any other for that matter. If your clients prefer to be in a different place, then that would be the place you must go to and not a different one.

Keep in mind that, at the end, the goal in digital environments is to find your customers and not to have them chasing you all around. You will be wasting your time if you try to convince your customers to leave their favorite places and go to those places you like better.

It's not about that. The key is to be able to identify where customers prefer to get together and join them there.

Once you meet them at their preferred site, then focus on having a relevant conversation.

And this is much easier to explain. Has it ever happened to you that you find yourself reunited with some friends and you are approached precisely by that one guy who only talks about boring subjects, which are not of interest to you? How do you feel at that moment?

The same thing happens to your customers when you approach them and the only thing you do is to have a boring conversation, which is not of their interest, perhaps only focused on the benefits of your product and services.

Differentiate yourself by the value you share in your conversations with clients, suppliers and friends.

No one wants to be approached by the person who has the most boring and least relevant conversation in the world.

Do not do that to your customers! Since you have taken the time and trouble to approach them in their sites of preference, then make the same effort to maintain a relevant and interesting conversation with them.

Only this way you will really be making the most of your time, being present where you really need to be, and maintaining relevant, interesting and nutritious conversations with your clients, which will surely help you build much stronger and stable business relationships with them.

Remember, the key is to have relevant conversations on places of their interest.

Picture credit: Nicoletaionescu / See portfolio

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