Monday, July 17, 2017

To Really Disconnect You Only Need Will Power... and a Strong Motivation!

Happy Summer Break!
One of the things that I am a fervent defender of is the need we all entrepreneurs have to cultivate all areas of our lives, not only those related to our respective businesses, but also those that are much more important and that sustain everything else and make it all work out: Our intimate, personal and family life.

Not only of bread the man lives, but also from spending a few days disconnected, in the company of his loved ones.

So I will take advantage of this post to let you know I will be offline for a few weeks, until the first days of September, because it is my time to dedicate myself in body and soul to the most beloved and precious things that exist in my life: my wife and two children.

It is they who give meaning to everything else, they are the greatest reasons I have to continue this journey and always moving forward.

As always, even though  those will be days of resting and disconnecting, I will use them to continue working on my things at a slower pace, to continue developing the new projects I have and which I will share with you when the next course begins.

If you have a specific topic you want us to review, remember that you can always contact me through the form located on the "Let's get to know" page of this blog or my email joel at joelpintoromero dot com

Yes, unfortunately, one has to write it that way so the robots that steal e-mails do not capture it and start sending me junk mail to my inbox.

With all this said then, we will see each other again the first week of September, with the same enthusiasm and energy as always, and with more new topics to share with you.

May you also have the opportunity to disconnect a little and enjoy some days in the company of those people who you love the most.

Keep in mind the title of this post: To really disconnect, you only need will power ... and a strong motivation :-D

And if you can not get disconnected, have a great and productive summer then!

Happy summer break!

Photo credit: The picture is mine. Taken from a lounger on the beaches of El Altet, the city we live on.

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