Monday, February 13, 2017

Putting My Own Home In Order: Being Kind Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Be Brave

¡Thank You!
First of all, I must thank each one of you for your patience and for having understood this unexpected absence on my side, which between one thing and the other, has extended for several months until now.

Different personal circumstances have come together with my daily professional duties to prevent me from having time enough to sit down and put all my thoughts in writing about the different themes that have came up in meetings with colleagues, clients and friends, which are directly related to the professional sector I specialize in and to which this blog is aimed.

My mother came to visit us in early spring and what was supposed to be a simple vacation trip of sharing, spending time with her grandchildren, her daughter-in-law and myself, her son, unfortunately became a relapse on her medical condition which kept her indisposed for several months, during which I became her nurse, her assistant. In one word, her shadow.

Thanks God, she is back at her home, in a stable, controlled health condition and receiving required medical treatment so that no surprises occur again.

I don’t know if you’ve heard something called "The Caregiver Syndrome". It is what happens to people who take care of a sick person for an extended period of time: Once the patient is back to normal and doesn’t need to be taken care of so closely, the caregiver feels his life is empty, with no meaning, among other things too.

It feels very strange when you don’t know where to start each day, when you feel like you’re missing something at all times.

Well it’s what happened to me after my mom got well and went back home. It took me a lot to get back on my tracks and focus on my daily work, my professional and personal routine.

But in order not to make this story a soap opera, I simply wanted you to be aware of it so that you could understand the reason behind my absence.

Thank you again for being there and for rewarding me with your confidence and for always reading the things I put together here.

There are thousands of things we can learn every day if we keep our eyes open

This absence has also helped me have an inner encounter with myself as a person, beyond the professional who writes these lines. Usually accustomed to living every day from one task to the other, from one to-do-item to another, running from one place to the next one, we generally have very little time to make a pause and look back at all things in perspective, with the calmness necessary to be able to objectively evaluate them.

That has been my case. For me, these months that have gone by have been moments in which I have had the opportunity to face the biggest challenge we all have as independent professionals:

To be able to align all the roles we play in our lives, while not losing our judgment during the process.

After all, every day has only 24 hours. Neither one more nor one less. And there are times when you have to put everything on its corresponding place and dedicate your time and attention only to the things that really matter, those that are really relevant and leave aside those that can be taken care of later, or even completely removing from your routine those you simply can’t take care of.

Beyond all things, we are human beings, under different roles throughout our lives: somebody’s children, parents, brothers, couples, friends, coworkers, mentors. You name it.

Recognizing ourselves in this diversity of roles simply makes us understand that, first of all and above everything else, we are human beings and in every moment of our lives the best we can do is to give the best of ourselves to whatever occupies our attention and time at that specific moment, focusing our efforts to make it the best way possible.

In the midst of the vortex that we live every day, amid the speed and stress that usually characterizes our lives, there are basic values we must continue to cultivate no mather what, such as humbleness, authenticity, sincerity and gratitude.

While my mother was ill at home, I realized it was a perfect opportunity for me to give her back the time and dedication that for so many years she gave me, without asking for anything in return. It was an excellent time to show her my gratitude.

Her relapse made me realize our bodies are not invincible machines, but simply human bodies, vulnerable, fragile, which we must take care of the best we can, if we do not want to suffer the consequences down the road. Her relapse made me look at myself in a much more humble, sincere and authentic way.

Now you will easily understand the reason why I use to say we can learn many things if we simply keep our eyes and ears wide open every day, trying to get the best out of each of the situations we live.

Recognizing yourself in your own vulnerability as a human being makes you a sound professional, authentic, sensitive and, above all, reachable.

Being humble, grateful, vulnerable, doesn’t mean you can’t be a strong leader or a successful entrepreneur. Being human, fragile and vulnerable does not make you less professional. It’s quite the opposite.

A good opportunity to put my own home in order.

Nevertheless, I also had the time to put my business projects in order. It's always a good idea to take some time aside to do it, because the dynamics of the day-to-day routine tends to keep us very busy at all times, turning us into a firemen instead of business people, preventing us from spending time to plan ahead new projects, even from properly managing the projects we already have underway.

When you put your own house in order, you have the opportunity to set priorities on what’s really important.

With all things back to normal in my life, I will now have the opportunity to sit down and properly collect all my thoughts about multiple issues that have came up in meetings with clients and co-workers, issues that tend to become obstacles for many entrepreneurs as they are building up and developing their business.

For now, I want to end this post thanking you for your understanding and patience, and reiterating my commitment to continue offering you throughout the posts of this blog, my professional opinion about different topics, which I believe can be useful to help you carry out your business, your company and, maybe, your very life.

Because you and I are, first and foremost, human beings, who are making the best of their efforts to offer products and services to the market, and we all face the challenges of having to balance out all the different roles we play, day in and day out.

See you here next Monday.

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