Tuesday, September 20, 2016

I Choose To Be Always Positive: Could It Be That We’ve Become Used To Complaining About Everything?

Have you become a whiner?
Every day that goes by strengthens my conviction that, as long as we have our eyes open and observe what happens to each of us every day, we’ll learn more things.

Certainly life offers hundreds of opportunities to learn valuable and different things all the time: we only have to be willing to listen carefully and draw the lesson lurking behind every situation we live.

A few days ago I met a friend of mine who I hadn’t seen for a while. After greeting each other the traditional way, ask about our respective lives and everything else, I asked him about his work.

He replied: "The same trash as always!". A little confused by his answer, remembering that the work he had last time we saw each other was not to his liking, I asked: "Why?".

"The same crap as always, Joel. Literally, I'm picking up trash in my job!". I asked him: "Are you looking for something different then?"

"No, I am not!" he replied.

And I’m sure I couldn’t hide the shocking feeling on my face, perhaps unintentionally or out of appreciation for him, but it really took me by surprise that he was making no effort to find a different job, one that made him feel better especially after being stuck for so many years working in the same place, feeling frustrated, always complaining about his work being rubbish.

Some years ago, I wrote in this blog an article entitled: "I refuse to say "It is what it is "and "With what the situation is itself" (sorry, it didn’t have an english version) which are phrases commonly used to demonstrate our inability to change our circumstances and have a better life, to take control of our future, simply because the negativity around us is the dominant agent and determining factor in almost all our things.

I refused then, I refuse now and, for the rest of my life, God permits, will refuse to let myself surrender to negative thoughts and complaints and give them control of my life.

Complaining as a habit, turns you into a toxic character

Hasn’t it ever happened to you that you start working for a new company and, all of a sudden, you realize you’re sharing desk with one of those coworkers who is able to steal energy from even the most positive person in the world?

In particular, it has happened to me in two of the last three companies I have worked with. In one of them, it was my own immediate supervisor who took charge of discharging batteries of all his team, whether after each sales meeting, or during our on-the-road campaigns.

If from your mouth come only complaints, you’ll never have the opportunity to clearly see the road ahead of you.

In the next company I worked with, almost all employees used to complain, every single day, about the miserable wage conditions, the extreme delay depositing payrolls, about having too many non-productive meetings and you could keep on going.

It causes much frustration to get excited about your new job only to discover how your own co-workers become the ones responsible for crushing all you illusions, stealing your energy and taking away everything to finally turn you into one of them: Just another whiner!

Who wants to work in a company surrounded by toxic colleagues who spend all day complaining about the life they have?

There are very few things that are built within an environment of negativity. Where negativity reigns, there is no room for creative, dynamic thinking, the kind of thinking that turns adversity into an opportunity.

When you complain as a habit, you stop assessing your opportunities

First of all, I think that continually complain about something without doing anything about it, makes you sink forever deep in your problems, makes you a part of it and doesn’t let you focus your eyes on anything else.

Concentrating your thoughts on what your situation is, thinking it’s just like that and that there is nothing you can do about it, immerses yourself in the world of conformity and self-justification.

Only if you take control of your life and your stuff, you will begin to appreciate your true potential.

What kind of opportunity can have this friend I met on the street, whom I mentioned at the beginning of this post, if for him his work is simply rubbish but, regardless, he makes no effort to find something better?

Doesn’t it seem like the attitude of a person who has already surrendered and stopped fighting for its professional development?

And if you've already thrown in the towel and don’t think you deserve any better, then you're not valuing all options that would be available for you, if only you gave yourself a little chance to look at things from a positive, creative and proactive point of view.

What’is my advice to you?

Always choose the positive side of the story. Very realistic, though, but always on the positive side. You will see the difference.

Photo Credit: Portfolio / jorgophotograph