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Four Simple Sales Lessons For Inexperienced People.

4 Simple Sales Tips For Rookies.
It is sometimes difficult to try to explain the selling process to people who know very little or those who have never had any contact with the selling process in their entire lives.

If you talk to a pilot about how to fly an airplane, he’ll tell you that is quite simple itself.

Obviously, after accumulating 200 or 300 hours flying, and having repeated time and time again the same landing and takeoff checklists and even prepare the airplane for an emergency situation, everything must be extremely simple.

And it just happens that any activity we dare to practice before becoming familiar with it, will just appear to be extremely difficult.

However, as we commit to it and continue to practice, once and again, things start to fall into place, like a puzzle, and our skills in carrying out the task will increase proportionally.

For sure people will tell you mastery is achieved only after practicing the same tasks over and over again.

Whether you want to play the guitar or a new sport, learn a new language, or become a professional, efficient and successful sales representative, it's all about acquiring proper training and practicing, once and again, relentlessly, until you are satisfied with the results you're achieving.

But what can I do to sell if I don’t have any previous experience?

As always, the first thing you need to do is to look for proper instruction on the sales subject. I don’t mean you should sign up for an expensive 300 hours course. No. But you will definitely need to find a way to become familiar with subject at hand.

In the same way an airplane pilot can’t fly a plane without having received an initial theoretical course, or in the same way you can’t pretend to play the guitar without having received at least a few basic lessons, I can’t invite you to go out there to do sales without receiving any formal training.

If you want to start selling, you better start looking for proper training or even self-teaching.

Internet is a vast universe in which countless sources can get training in sales, as in many other areas of interest.

I could recommend you to watch in YouTube the "How to Win Friends and Influence People" video, based on Dale Carnegie’s extraordinary book. Even my own book "¿Vendedor? ¿Yo? - Sales Manual for Entrepreneurs"could serve you as a building block.

Anyway, and whatever training method you choose, you need to familiarize yourself with the activity you want to perform, in this case, the wonderful world of selling.

So today I want to share with you four simple things you can incorporate into your professional (and personal) life that will help you do some sales, even if you haven’t done it before.

Lesson # 1 - Talk to as many people as possible and always keep a positive attitude.

They say that "if you don’t show it, you don’t sell it", therefore, the first step is to always let the world know whatever it is you have for sale. The more people who know what you offer, the better your chances of selling it. It's that simple: pure maths.

And since you should talk to as many people as possible, you must also do so in a positive, enthusiastic way. It doesn’t mean you’ve to overdo things, but to maintain a truly positive attitude. Nobody likes to talk to a person who has a bad face, or is moody or depressed, therefore, a positive attitude will always be your strong point.

Lesson # 2 - Identify the bridge connecting what you’re selling to your interlocutor.

For a person to buy anything you have for sale, there must be an interest, a common ground, something connecting them both. In sales, this point is often called the "Golden Bridge" referring to it as the road that will take you to closing the deal.

You could talk to thousands of people in an always positive attitude for hundreds of hours, but until you clearly identify the bridge between what you sell and your interlocutor, nothing will happen.

Make direct and clear questions that allow you to understand if the person in front of you is interested in buying what you offer. Once you've got the "golden bridge", concentrate your efforts there.

Lesson # 3 - Clearly explain why what you offer is an excellent choice for your interlocutor.

And explain to your interlocutor, brief and enthusiastically, how what you offer will offer him satisfaction. Tell him about the whys, the hows and all things you consider relevant allowing him to see what you offer as a wise purchase decision.

Do not turn your presentation into a sales speech though, or pretend to deceive anyone. Maintain a conversational tone and directly, lists all the attributes of your offer so that it makes sense to your interlocutor.

The more simple and to the point you go, the better for everyone.

Lesson # 4 - Invite your interlocutor to make the decision to buy.

Many sales are lost because the sales guy does not ask the customer to make a decision. The reasons may be many and varied, but whatever they are for you, do not permit the sale to slip through your fingers because you simply didn’t ask your customer: "Would you like to buy now?"

If all has gone well, if you have maintained an enthusiastic tone, if you have found the "golden bridge" with your interlocutor, if you have clearly explained the benefits of your offer and you haven’t been sent to hell yet, it means that person is ready to buy.

Invite him to make the decision. Nothing happens. It's nothing bad or something to be ashamed of, at the end of the day that's really the reason why you're talking to that person to begin with, don’t you remember?

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