Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Let's put a stop to gender violence, war, hunger and corruption. Those are my wishes for this Christmas Season.

My Wishes For These Holidays!
Usually by this time of the year, I write a post wishing you many nice and very cool things for the holidays, that are just around the corner, and for the upcoming Year, which we're about to receive.

As always, I wish you the very best the world has to offer you for these Holidays and the New Year 2016.

Obviously, this year I wanted to do the same thing but something deep inside of me said: "No. Not this time".

Then I realized this blog has already been out for a few years old and (thanks to all of you) has its small group of loyal readers, who come back regularly to share with me this space. Then I decided to do something different this time.

As a Catholic and a believer I am, I do wish the Holly Spirit floods your home this holiday season and fills your heart, and that of your loved ones, with His Peace, His Joy and gives you all the enthusiasm to start up the upcoming Year the best way possible.

But today I want to go a little further.

I want to ask God to grant us this Christmas everything we might need to eradicate from the world, or do our best effort to eradicate from the world certain things that are deeply rooted in our societies and prevents us from moving forward.

The first one is corruption.
I ask God to enlighten the minds of all those who get seduced by power and money, and brazenly steal money that belongs to those people they supposedly represent, because we must remember not all corrupt people are politicians as neither all politicians are corrupt people. I pray to Heaven so that this people may (and know how to) find the strength they need to do their jobs in the most honest way possible, helping us all to create a more balanced and transparent society.
Then there is war.
Yes. War. That pitiful scourge that has become a business for many countries, regardless of all people who are dying, especially innocent ones who, unfortunately, are in the wrong place at the least appropriate time. I ask God to help us all realize we should simply be ashamed of having war as a business and recognize that nothing in the world gives us the right to kill innocent people, regardless of the flags we hide behind.
I can't keep from thinking about hunger.
Millions of people die each year because they have nothing to eat. Children, women, elderly people. In brief, a whole disgrace that should resound in our minds every time we open our refrigerators to find it full of food that even sometimes goes spoiled by not being eaten on time. I ask God to help us be more solidary with the people who need the most. If we have no money to share, at least to offer something to eat, a helping hand, a word of encouragement and hope, but, please, may these Holidays be an starting point to live life in harmony with those who are not as fortunate as we are.
And finally gender violence.
I ask God to plant in our hearts true love. The kind of love which doesn't mean dominating and subduing our partner using force. As my children were told in nursery, we must learn that "hands are for giving love, and arms to embrace people around us." My Lord, I pray Heaven to enlighten the heads of all those who can only communicate using violence, beatings, humiliation and abuse. May God put in their hearts the seed of true love, affectionate love and respect for people giving them company.

And these are my wishes for this Christmas season and I do hope they grow abundantly for all of us. I do believe this way we can really build a better world the upcoming Year.

May God bless you all and enlighten your hearts during these holidays and throughout the New Year 2016!

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