Tuesday, May 26, 2015

What Every Entrepreneur Should Know About Sales and Why

What Should You Know About Selling?
Throughout the extent of this blog, we’ve talked about some of the most important things you should know about selling, being a business owner and entrepreneur. On the same way, I do believe it’s always well worth it to review the reasons why this “selling” knowledge is particularly important for your project’s development and growth, as it might have some serious implications you should consider.
Let’s just think for a moment that you’ve had quite an interesting idea around which you’d like to build your business, one of those ideas for which all people you’ve shared it with have told you it was a great one and could very well become quite a profitable opportunity for you. 

You put your heart and time on developing it, along with your money, and have also made every effort to bring the project to life and finally, when everything appears to be ready to roll, you have to put everything on hold just because you don’t know what to do to bring in your first few customers.
Or let’s say you do know, but somehow you feel so uncomfortable with going out and talking to strangers that you decide your best option is to hire someone else to do the selling job for you.
How will you ever know whether the person you hired is doing a good job? How can you evaluate their performance if you don’t even know how to sell your product yourself? How can you offer proper training to your sales people?

By knowing how it's done, you’ll be able to effectively supervise others.

If you are a person who is familiar with doing sales, moves freely among its customers, is always looking for new opportunities for your business and don’t ever give up, it’s wonderful news.
The day your business grows enough so you have to hire someone else to do the selling instead of you, you'll handle enough information and knowledge as to effectively monitor their performance, clearly showing them what they should and shouldn’t do, helping them get the most benefit out of their efforts and time.

Deeply knowing how to sell your product will assist you on properly guiding others on doing the sales job to their best performance.

You already know that interacting with customers, handling their objections, doing price revisions, following up on the comments customers make about products or services you offer, every single communication channel provides you with valuable information for the further planning of your sales activities as well as for training and supervising the people who will eventually come to work with you on sales.
There lies the importance, as an entrepreneur and business owner, of getting involved with the sales area of your business, even if it’s only to acquire the necessary knowledge to supervise and manage those who will become your sales representatives.

Knowing how to do it yourself, will eliminate your dependence on third parties.

Do you remember the real life case I wrote about a while ago, titled "Your Sales Should Never Depend On One Single Person" (as always the link is at the bottom of this post) in which I shared with you the story of Manuel, a friend of mine?
I do recognize though the aforementioned post showcases quite an extreme instance of what could happen in your sales department: That the only person doing the sales job suddenly leaves you alone and goes to work for another company.
What do you do at a time like this? Definitely it is very important to have the ability to take control of the sales area of your business in such a particular situation, re-establish contact with key customers and maintain the continuous flow of quotations and orders so that the departure of any member (in this case, the one member) of the sales team, doesn’t turn into a total disaster.

Knowing your sales are not dependent on a single guy, offers you peace of mind.

That's the reason why I also recommended you to always have sales teams composed, at least, by two people: if one of the members suddenly has to leave or simply quits the job, the second one is available to replace it immediately.
If, in your situation, your team is a one-man-show, you should really pay attention to this recommendation and follow my advice, so that a situation like this does not take you by surprise ever.

Salespeople have the drive to be always looking for new business opportunities.

And, at a very personal level, one of the things I find more interesting and enriching in people who are dedicated to doing sales and sales management is that they have the talent of always look at things from a positive point of view, trying to find opportunities that lie within every situation, and not giving up until they achieve their goals.

In general, good sales people are tireless fighters. And having such a spirit is good for anyone, at all times.

It’s an energy that can certainly be helpful while transiting the sometimes tortuous path of entrepreneurship.
You should know this from your own experience: growing and developing your own business involves a number of different challenges that may test your character’s temperance, patience and, in most cases, your ability to get up and keep going, time and time again.
That’s why going deeper in your training in sales, if you already have had it, or becoming familiar with the fundamental concepts about selling can only add value to your performance as a professional and business owner, regardless of the specific area you're responsible for in your project .
Always keep in mind selling is an activity which brings any project or undertaking to life, and learning how to sell and how to manage the sales area of ​​your business will be a skill that will always be useful in achieving your best results and lead your team in doing the same.

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