Tuesday, January 13, 2015

4 Things You Must Consider For A Healthy Entrepreneurship

A Healthy Entrepreneurship
I wanted to initiate this year writing about something that will surely sound familiar to you: The things you must take into consideration so that your business project can grow in a healthy manner.

When I was thinking about this post’s title, I first thought of something like "The 4 C's of A Successful Entrepreneurship" but then I remembered how uncomfortable makes me feel when coming across those articles offering you a list of specific steps / things you have to take in order to be successful.

There is neither a way nor a person who can guarantee that your business venture will be successful, not to say offer you a list of specific tasks you must accomplish in order to become a success.

The furthest we can all go is to recommend you some things to do and which will be quite different according to your specific case, your own situation, and also taking into consideration that your the definition of "success" might probably be  different from that of mine or other people.

But what can definitely do, with total confidence, is to talk with you about 4 things you should consider if you want your venture to develop in a fluid, healthy manner. These four things are, from my point of view, the following: on-going learning, commitment, self-evaluation and confidence.

I’ll move on by indicating you why I consider them important for you.

On-going learning: Be sure to prepare yourself, be prepared or associate with people who have the knowledge.

The first thing you need to consider for your venture to move forward on a healthy way, is to be sure you’re swimming in an industry you’re familiar with and are trained for, one in which you have worked already. The combination of being properly prepared and working experience will give you (or should give you) the confidence you need to drive the business in the proper direction.

Professional background and previous experience guarantee you have the confidence required to manage the business in the right direction.

And going a bit further, and considering the breakneck speed with which our world is changing everyday, you should consider a process of ongoing learning within your professional sector as a way to keep yourself up to date with the latest changes, although I’m sure you already know that.

And if you want to venture into a completely different arena, you should consider the option of receiving specific training for such area or, at least, partner up with people who are familiar with it and can provide the necessary knowledge (which you don’t have and are going to need) to make the right decisions.

But in any case, ongoing learning is one of those almost mandatory requirements for a healthy entrepreneurship.

Commitment: A necessary attitude to truly harvest the results you expect.

Do you know what the "instant gratification syndrome" is about? It's one of those things that happens to almost all of us nowadays drivings us to expect immediate results from almost all the actions we take. Hence the success of all these programs that ensure you’ll get wonderful results in almost everything in a little fraction of the time it usually requires.

And it’s just because you can always make a new customer, but it will not happen overnight. You won’t be able to properly position your company’s brand in the market, in just a few days. Not to mention you won’t be able to make your customers love your products more than your competitor’s in the same fast way.

Commitment will help you have the perseverance required to move forward step by step, day after day.

You are certainly able to achieve most of your proposed goals, but you have to be aware that everything takes its own time and that nothing will happen if you’re not seriously committed with your project. And from commitment, perseverance is born.

If you really commit yourself to your own project then you will have enough strength to work every day in achieving your daily goals and implementing all necessary actions. It’s all a natural process.

Self-evaluate yourself whenever you feel you’ve to, or let others do it if you can’t.

And perhaps this is the most difficult point for all of us: Knowing when to stop and change direction. To be able to recognize when the thing you are doing are not delivering the corresponding results, move on and start trying with new things.

Knowing when to change direction will probably be the most difficult business decision you’ll ever have to make.

For sure, you are driven by the desire to make all things work, to confirm your business idea takes root and begins solidly moving forward. And it’s a flame always worth keeping alive, of course it is.

However, it’s not easy to make the decision to change what we're doing, because we will always think everything can be better. That’s why you must be open to receiving constructive criticism about your idea, project, and how all of it is coming together.

Constructive criticism will help you consider new options and opportunities to focus your efforts, and knowing when to change directions becomes necessary.

If you're doing the right things, in a committed and consistent way, the results will come.

And finally, confidence. Being confident that if you are seriously engaged with your project, if you're working on it steadily, and if you're willing to make every effort to evaluate your progress and implement all necessary changes, then the results will come.

The results always come for those who work consistently and committed to their project.

That's right: Nobody can assure you how long will it take in your specific project as it depends on many different factors, but the results will come, no doubt. All projects are different from one another, therefore every story will be unique.

What all of them have in common is the fact that if you do things right and have the patience to harvest the results of your actions, your business will then have a healthy development.

That is why I’d like to start up this year by recommending you to always keep in your mind the following things: Ongoing learning, commitment, the willingness to self-evaluate your progress and being always confident.

With them in your project, surely all things will work out much better than you think.

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