Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Happy Holidays and May Love and Health Fulfill Your Life Throughout The Whole Year 2015

Last year, for my Christmas' greetings post, my wishes were that throughout this year, which was approaching its end, love might abound in your life, my life and everyone else's life.

And I said then: "Why love? Because I've found that if there is plenty of love in our lives, everything works wonderfully well, plenty of smiles, hope, kindness, good thoughts and feelings ... good vibes as people say on this side! "

And I embellish my post with the following sentence:

When love abounds in your life, there is not room for selfishness, and that's good!

And how would it be then if you also had great health?

As for this new upcoming year, I will add one more ingredient: Health!

And not only "cheers" as when we offer a toast, but the health of our souls, hearts, and lives itself. I'm sure if in our lives abound these two things, health and love, we'll be able to reach our full capacity to strongly move forward, to conquer our goals and achieve good things for ourselves and all people around us .

Therefore, I'd like to close this year, starting off by thanking for staying on my side, for being there, reading this blog, allowing me to share with you the things that I think, believe and live, and letting me know your opinions and experiences too.

And after doing so, I also want health and love to abound in your life, my life, our lives throughout this holiday season and the New Year 2015!

Surely if love abounds, there is less room for selfishness and that might even help us become better leaders, better co-workers, better partners, better parents .... and that, most certainly, is not bad to start up the year!

Don't you think? :-D

Merry Christmas and Much Prosperity throughout the New Year 2015!

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