Tuesday, October 21, 2014

If Things Were Easier ... - The Dog Whisperer's Testimony

As my dear friend, Gabriela Pérez Sambucetti says "only what we share acquires a social dimension" now it is my time to add value to a rich conversation, as I want to share with you guys an article written by a dear friend of mine, Mauricio Priego, in which he pays tribute to being perseverant, confident and, above all other things, to always move forward and fight for all those things that are important to us. 

This is the testimony of Cesar Millan, "The Dog Whisperer". I'll post it here the same way Mauricio published it. Please, enjoy! 

“If things were easier, anyone would be able to make them.” 

Sometimes when I find myself exhausted and struggling to simply get by everyday´s task, this phrase has crossed my mind and I have realized this is the sentence life puts in front of us to keep the stress levels high and take away our happiness and joy. But then I realize that it is ourselves who often make things more difficult than they really are, and I turn my eyes and look at those I love and find in them the incentive I need to resume the fight with renewed vigor, focusing again on my dreams instead of simple trying to get by.

But ironically resuming the fight and refocusing our efforts is not an easy task. Not at all. 

Have you heard of the "Dog Whisperer"? The story of Cesar Millan is a true life testimony of hard work and perseverance, which may well serve as an inspiration to all of us when adversity threatens our dreams and goals (Click on the video to view it)

Surely the famous phrase "The more I know men, the more I love my dog" crossed his mind more than once, the difference being that instead of running away and hiding himself in a a barrel, like Diogenes did, César knew how to re-discover what his dream was and build up the strength of mind he needed to start all over again.

As the poet says:

"Try to be happy with what you have, live life intensely ... if you keep on fighting, you'll finally make it."


Mauricio Priego
Personal Finances Advisor, Systems Analyst, Enterprise Architect. Love Reading. Happy Parent.
Twitter: MauricioPriego 

Thank you, Mauricio, for such a special and emotionally filled post. 

I'm sure more than one of the people reading this post now, will feel completely identified with César's story, as I did when I read your post. 

This is the link to the original post, as it appeared in Mauricio's blog
Si las cosas fueran fáciles... - Testimonio del "Encantador de Perros" (In Spanish)

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