Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Why Is Your New Sales Strategy Bound To Fail?

Why Is It So Hard To Understand?
It's part of human nature to resist to change. We've all experienced it either one or many times in our lives: Changes in school, work, emotional status, location in space. 

Changes of all kinds. And even though most changes are for our own good, we instinctively oppose resistance. It’s part of our nature. Perhaps it’s due to our survival instinct and our need to stay in a place where we feel safe.

Your implementation of a new sales strategy for your business is going to face the same challenge: Your resistance to change. Not just your own, but that of the whole team which is supposed to be putting the strategy, and it’s related actions, underway.

In the world there is a whole industry dedicated to providing entrepreneurs like you all the training they might need to increase their sales and do it more efficiently. Books, seminars, lectures, "webinars", calendars (just kidding!) and a bunch of other resources for both the business owner and the actual sales people.

And yet today, we haven’t managed to achieve the amazing performance levels we were offered at the beginning.

What's going on then?

"Easier said than done" 

Have you noticed how many people quit smoking, only to get back on the habit just a few weeks or months later? Or those who enroll in weight loss programs, just to abandon them halfway down?

If we are confident the results will be great for us and/or our businesses, why do we quit then? 

Maybe the reason is that you got extremely excited about the expected outcome, but were not quite willing to do all the work needed to get there. Who knows.

There is no single salesperson, or business owner in the world, who doesn’t want to increase sales. That’s self-explanatory and evident, but when you come to realize you’ll have to make more phone calls, to increase your daily visits, knock on more doors, send more emails, make more offers ... more, more, more.

That's when your whole energy drains out and you immediately resort back to your comfort zone, right where you were before, your “I feel safe here” place.

"I know what I'm doing, why should I change?" 

And it’s more noticeable if you consider yourself a seasoned professional, with a strong background on what you do, and, if you've being able to achieve all your sales goals in the past, chances are you are probably convinced there is no way to improve the way you are doing things, because you are already doing pretty well.

For all veterans and successful professionals, it's hard to understand things can always be done better. 

And even if in the past you haven’t reached your best results, perhaps it happens you have got yourself used to such performance, and such conformity then becomes the main obstacle keeping you from realizing there are more efficient ways to do your job.

Remember the book "Who Moved My Cheese?"? Well, keep then in mind all the time the little mouse lost bitterly regretting about not finding his cheese at the same place as always, instead of opening his mind and searching for different approaches to his situation.

The first thing you need to do to overcome this obstacle is just that simple: Open your mind and recognize that things can always be done better, even if you've been doing pretty good so far.

"This time it will be different" 

Don’t try to justify things by coming up with excuses, and simply give yourself and your business an opportunity to grow better. It's like when you're on a diet and go to a party just to find succulent things you’re dying to eat: "It doesn’t matter if I go out of my diet just for today while at this party", or when you try to justify you won’t put additional time on a customer because "I have a very good relationship with the decision maker."

If you hide yourself behind excuses like this, you’ll always find a way to postpone your new sales strategy implementation. 

You can always start your new sales program next week, you can always implement your brand new actions some other day ... you’ll always find an excuse to continue doing what you’ve always done. The problem is when excuses grow in number and you're drowning on them.

When was it you said you wanted to start your new diet?

The key element in the whole process is discipline. 

Only with discipline you can bring your plans to completion and achieve great results with your new weight loss program, as well as with that new sales strategy you want to implement in your business.

Excuses and justifications are the opposite of disciplined behavior. 

If you are convinced that results will be for everybody’s benefit, and understand there is a more efficient way to do your job (or that of your team), if you are confident it’s the correct way to get better outcomes, then close your eyes and stick to it.

It may all sound very difficult at the beginning, but it’s not that hard really. To solve all your problems, first you need to understand there is a problem and recognize how important it’s for you and your business to solve it properly and soon.

Once you've reached this point of self-assessment, it’ll be much easier to cope with the obstacles that will always show up right on your way and try to divert you from implementing your new sales strategy.

If you truly believe in the strategy you are about to implement, and if you agree to put up the time and effort it requires and have the discipline to stick to it, then you’ll have a great chance of achieving the results you’re expecting.

It's just a matter of discipline ... and patience, like all things in life.

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