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Smoke Selling: My Thoughts About Our Need Of Immediate Success.

Immediate Success? Think again.
Ready, Freddie, with batteries recharged and now back to posting on my beloved blog to continue to share with you conversations about things related with business management, sales, digital marketing and anything else that could add value to your life, my life, our lives, and on top of everything, to our businesses!

One of the things I like about going on vacation, apart from the disconnection and the relaxation that comes with it, is having the time to exercise without worrying about how long it takes me to complete my routine, or having to come back home at an specific time so that my daily duties don’t pile up and fall between the cracks.

And one of those days when I was out on the road with my bike, all sweaty, exhausted, and yearning to get back home fast but completely aware that I needed to continue pedaling for like 45 more minutes to get off the bike, take a shower and lie down on the couch to rest, I started thinking about how great it would be not to have to undergo so much effort to maintain a proper and healthier physical condition. I would love it to be much easier.

That is, for a moment, my thoughts stopped at these miraculous programs that offer you to "get a flat stomach while watching TV, sitting on your couch", or as one guy tweeted a while ago: "I clicked on an ad that said "get your dreamed body today" only to find out they were advertising a weight loss program" then I realized how deep it has gotten into our lives, and the way we manage our things, the need for immediate gratification.

In other words: The desire to minimize the efforts required to achieve the wonderful results we all expect. I say "minimize the efforts" not to say removing them altogether.

"No pain, no gain." If it doesn’t hurt, you’re not winning.

I was returning from cycling one day and when I arrived home I got on the weight scale to confirm that all that sweat, those trodden kilometers, all that weariness, and all that effort were really being translated into a drop in my weight, which was my initial goal.

In doing so I was completely shocked by what I saw: Not only I hadn’t lost weight but had gained 5 pounds. Just imagine: FIVE POUNDS! When I was supposed to be losing weight or, in the worst case, staying at the same weight.

Frustration doesn’t help you solve problems. Making decisions and implementing them, does. 

I closed my eyes in anger for a while but after a bit of reflection and a call to sanity, I promised myself to better control my eating habits, push myself a little harder on the bike and start doing some abdominal exercises to help me up.

"No pain, no gain" is, and has always been, one of the favorite quotes I keep from my teenage years when practicing karate, and has been a phrase that has always accompanied me.

"If it doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t grow" we said to ourselves when we were training with weights, and the phrase has always been a reminder that, in order to achieve our goals, we necessarily have to push ourselves beyond our own limits, sometimes just a little, some other times, a lot. But we must always strive for.

You have to put aside the myth of instant success. 

Some time ago in my social profiles I shared an article which contained a very interesting reflection about the fact that when we talk about successful people, we put so much emphasis on their successes that we come to think they were born being already successful, and we forget about the most important part of the story: all the work and effort they have made to get to where they are today.

Because it’s easy to think that Bill Gates started Microsoft from his home's garage, but it’s not as easy for us to think about the many hours that elapsed before such time, or even those that had to elapse after, before his dream, his company, his idea became what they are today, and what we know him for.

Without efforts, nothing happens. Without work, commitment, dedication, enthusiasm, patience, neither. 

And I am sure the most important lesson is not so much related to his success, or the success of many others like him, as it is to the effort, enthusiasm, faith and commitment that allowed him to get there.

Certainly it would be great to have your company being among the next one receiving a million dollars funding, being acquired by a foreign multinational corporation, or achieving ever growing sales volumes. It would certainly be terrific.

But forget about thinking it will happen overnight, effortlessly. "No pain, no gain."

For every success story, there are thousands who only made it halfway. 

When we think about successful soccer players nowadays, for instance, names like Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar Jr, Toure, Bale, Lahm and many others may come to mind. Have you ever stopped to think about the many players, excellently prepared and very talented, who have not achieved, nor will ever achieve the same success?

Have you ever stopped to think about the thousands of excellent players who simply made it half-way up? And what about the others who, for different reasons, will never make it?

Work, work and more work. Remember: There are no magic solutions that do not involve some effort on your side. 

Even those programs promising you’ll get to have your "dreamed body" state, in the fine print, that you’ll only make it if the program is accompanied by a diet and a healthy lifestyle". Have you ever read that?

And so I’m coming back from summer break with my commitment renewed: Work, work and more work. With all the dedication I can, with my whole enthusiasm, passion, and above all, patience to further develop the projects I’m working on knowing that, if I don’t push myself as much as possible, I won’t be able to achieve the results I expect.

And as for you, I would like you to always keep this thought in mind: Forget about overnight success, both for yourself and your business, and focus on the small, everyday victories. Keep even in mind that there might be victories and failures on your way to success, and it’s all perfectly normal.

What is 100% true is that if you don’t push yourself a bit, you’ll never know if you can make it, and the saddest thing will be that you’ll think that what you're doing is not worth it, when it probably is.

"No pain, no gain." If it doesn’t hurt, you’re not winning.

A big hug for you :-D

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