Tuesday, September 9, 2014

LUCY: Are We Aware Of The Powerful Impact Our Content Generates?

The Impact Of Our Content.
With the explosive growth of social platforms, your business has the opportunity to directly communicate with its customers in an open space, where everyone can see you, and with the ability to reach hundreds or thousands of people.

This communication and its responsibility were usually handled by professionals specifically trained in such areas as journalism, public relations, communications and so forth, but nowadays is a completely open space where anyone, just like you and me, without any previous experience or required training, can participate.

And that's what I think might be the reason for the subject I’m sharing with you today: the importance of the content generated by you to be shared, with more or less frequency, with the people who follow you on your Facebook Fan page, your Twitter account, your company's blog, and finally on whichever platform you have chosen to engage with them in conversations.

What impact does that content have on the people who receive it? Does it bring added value to their lives? Are they enriched? Does it make them better? Or on the contrary ...

The film Lucy and an open invitation to drug abuse. 

A few weeks ago I went with my wife to watch the movie "Lucy" starring Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman. I like both actors a lot, him for the many movies I've seen him acting, and I like her because I truly find she’s a great heroine, since I saw her in his role in "The Avengers." 

Caution, I'm not a film critic. Be advised. I’m not telling you how the movie goes, as it would be great if you could watch it yourself and make your own opinion. The special effects are spectacular, the soundtrack is really good too, and in general, those who made the film were able to create this tense, distressing atmosphere that characterizes this genre. On that side, it’s all really good.

However, towards the end of the movie, my wife and I were shocked. The message that was throbbing in our heads with bold, red, capital letters and really loud, was awful.

Get intoxicated with drugs, and you will become an omnipresent god. 

There is a drug in the world that gives you the ability to use 100% of your brain, to become an invincible human being, have super powers and, eventually, be "everywhere at anytime" as God Himself.

What an interesting choice for a young teenager who is going through difficult times in his life! Or for even a more grown-up person who might find in this message the hope he needs to move forward with his life and give drugs a try.

Be aware of the content you generate and its probable impact. 

Obviously, I don’t know what could have been going through the minds of people who wrote the screenplay for this film, nor his intentions, or anything like that. What I have completely clear is that, somewhere along the way, they stopped paying attention to something: The impact that the movie could be generating in the audience that would be watching it.

For your fans and followers, what you say and share can have a significant impact on their lives. 

And it's something you have to take into consideration, regardless of your product, your company and the type of industry in which you move: There will always be people who consider you as a reference on something, for whom what you say serves as a guide and is taken as a model.

For them, content that you generate and share through your social profiles has an importance that can go far beyond what you can measure with analytical tools. Your ideas and suggestions can change their lives ... for better or for worse.

Are you willing to take the responsibility that it entails?

Willing to lose his life to become the most popular guy on the group. 

You know the "Science of Stupid" show, in the Discovery Channel? Have you noticed the vast amount of people doing weird things that involve taking enormous risks, all in order to record it in video and upload it to YouTube hoping it goes viral?

Bones and broken noses, people who have suffered permanent injuries, even people who have lost their lives trying to do things that previously were only performed by individuals specifically trained for them: jump on skis by steep slopes, jump on top of vehicles, and many other things.

How many bones are you willing to get broken to make your YouTube video go viral? 

There is actually an infinite amount of crap that people, especially younger people, are willing to do to gain notoriety and be the most popular soul of their groups.

When are we going to stop this madness? When will we stop being willing to lose everything, to achieve those "15 minutes of fame" that so many people look forward to so anxiously?

Let's assume our responsibility as communicators. 

Since you have decided to use social platforms to share with your customers and friends the content generated by your company and interesting content generated by others, you should keep in mind always that responsibility.

As a communicator, you are morally responsible for the impact your words and ideas have in the public receiving them. 

There will always be people who see your company, your product or even your own person, as a leader on something. For them, what you say is very important and can have a significant impact on their lives, their businesses, their careers, both in a positive or negative way.

If you really want to build a better world, make sure, at all times, that the content you generate and share, adds value to people’s lives, solves problems, helps them be better, raises awareness about important issues.

Only this way, we will be acting as responsible communicators to the world and to ourselves. Don’t you think this way everything would be better?

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