Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Let’s Be Congruent: Preaching By Example.

Well, at this point in time, we all agree that you should do what you keep on preaching about, right?

And by that I mean we all must, on top of everything else, be congruent people, thus our life should be a true example of the things we say, think, and what we recommend to others.

In some of the post I’ve written on this blog I’ve recommended you to maintain, or at least try to maintain a balance between your professional and personal life.

I've always said you have to work hard to achieve the goals you've set, but also you have to set time aside to enjoy the family, take a moment (or many) for leisure and healthy entertainment, to exercise and to disconnect from some of the digital world that overwhelms us at times.

Or better yet, to connect with your "offline" world, with the environment in which you live and breathe every second of your life, with the things you touch, smell, and taste.

And being that things are this way, this post will be a very short one with its sole purpose being to let you know that I will be taking a well deserved summer break, to enjoy my wife and kids, to share time with the family, go to the beach and truly sunbathing, relaxing and enjoying with intensity.

I want to take these days to share simple conversations, to relax and spend time with my beloved ones. In a few words, to reconnect with my "offline" life, recharge the batteries, reflect a little bit about all the things I've done throughout this time and those I’ll do, think a lot, read, relax and be completely ready and sharp to get back to writing this blog on the first week of September.

I wish you have a great summer with your family and loved ones. Enjoy the most you can, have a super-duper time.

So I’m switching off! I look forward to getting back with you first week of September.

Have a great summer time!

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