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5 Highly Productive Habits You Can Add To Your Life Today.

5 Habits To Add To Your Life.
And since I believe all conversations must come to a conclusion, and last week I wrote about 3 toxic habits I discovered to have had throughout my life - habits which, of course, I promise to replace with better ones - I couldn’t help but write about another post that I came across last week.

It was quite an interesting post and referred to 5 very easy to adopt, positive habits you can incorporate into your life today that will surely help you carry on a more productive routine.

At least, they have worked for me a lot, and even though I don’t consider myself a highly successful person, as they indicated in the article, I can assure you that since I have put those habits into practice, the way I live my life has become much more focused, productive and less stressful.

First of all: Get an early start on your day, everyday. 

My day usually starts between 5:30 and 6:00 am. Sometimes I just can’t make it and simply sleep a little longer, but usually I wake up around that time, meaning very early.

Why so early? Because by that time of the day, my wife and kids are still on their deepest sleep hours giving me time enough to catch up on many things. In addition, by waking up early my day is a little bit longer, and that’s always a good thing.

Second: Write down all your pending and important things to do. 

When we are younger and have little things to do, it is really easy to solely rely on our memories to keep all our stuff in order and all things where they are supposed to be. And as long as it works for us, there is no problem with it.

But when things start to get a bit complicated, or when you have multiple projects you’re working on at the same time, a formal agenda is definitely your best assistant. I have tried several tools along the way: Nozbe, Wunderlist and, the one I'am currently using, Todoist, which I found to be the best one.

It's very different to start each of your days early and exactly knowing what you're going to do and how you’ll invest your time. 

I have developed the habit of checking all the things I have pending for any day or even for a couple of days, the night before, so that I can get a pretty accurate mental picture of how my next few days should be, so that I can do all the things I really want and need to do. It’s a lot better this way.

Third: Exercise. 

Well, really we shouldn’t even mention this one here since it’s pretty obvious: Exercising is a very valuable activity, not only because it allows you to improve your overall fitness, keep your muscles strong and flexible, and your heart pumping to its full capacity, but also because it’s an irreplaceable activity to relieve stress.

I got hooked on the bike about two years ago and I can tell you that my body demands me to go for a ride on my bike regularly. You can choose the activity you feel more comfortable with or the sport of your choice. It works the same.

Physical exercise is, for me, the most natural and effective way to diminish stress levels in my life, and recharge batteries. 

In any case, the important thing is that excercising should be a core part of your daily routine, and you shouldn’t consider it only as training for your body and muscles, but also as an opportunity to unload the stress that builds up in our bodies and our minds every second of our lives.

When I come back from every ride on my bike, and after taking the corresponding shower, I feel myself completely refreshed and highly energized. You can share with all of us how you feel after every exercise session.

Fourth: Have all your priorities for each day clearly established. 

There is a phrase you must engrave deeply in your hypothalamus: "to be extremely busy doesn’t equal being extremely productive," and you must repeat that to yourself whenever you feel you are doing many things at one time and yet, it’s clear you are not moving forward.

How do you resolve this situation? Clearly establishing the things you have to accomplish each day, whether they all are small steps forward within larger projects, or just finishing smaller things.

A while ago I made a statement on this blog: "Everything you do, should bring you either money or happiness, or a combination of both" and it’s many times a very necessary point of view, and a way to identifying priorities.

Every minute gone by will never come back. Therefore, every minute of your life should be spent on things that bring something positive to it. 

Time is our most precious resource, and also is not renewable at all: Every minute that goes by, will not return, it doesn’t repeat itself, neither can be enjoyed again. That’s why we tend to say that every second of our life is unique. And since time is not replaceable, you must make sure to use it in those things that are really important to you, or that are part of your life plan, however simple your plan might  be.

All the time you spend on other, non-relevant things, is wasted time.

And finally: do yoga, meditate, pray. Your choice. 

As you know, and if you didn’t know you know now, I am a believer ... a strong one. And as such, I invest time of my day (usually when I'm walking the dog every morning) to pray and get in touch with God to put my things on His Hands, to look back and review the things I do, have done and will do, in order to clear up my mind and try to regain my inner peace.

Always look for an intimate space where you can connect with your “inner self” and achieve an emotional and spiritual balance. 

This moment of prayer allows me to put my emotions under control, to double check what is worth and what isn’t, separate important things from those that are not so important, to get in focus and replenish my energies.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, those are five habits that I have put into practice in my life and have helped me make a much more effective and efficient use of my time.

It doesn’t mean it’s the holy medicine your life needs but if you could incorporate in your life those habits you feel like to be needing, it would be phenomenal. In the post I’m recommending you to read today, you will notice they say "those are the habits that separate successful people from the average one."

How about giving us an opportunity to see if they work for us? What do you think?

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