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3 Blogging Lessons I Learned From My 9 Years-Old Son.

Three Lesssons I Learned From My 9-Years Old Son.
It's really interesting how life itself is determined to teaching us all things, provided we are willing to listen to what it has to say, and then put those learned things into practice, as long as they are to help us be better.

Jesus in one of his parables said that "(...) unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven." (Matthew 18:3), and I'm sure this has a profound meaning in our lives, not only to "enter the kingdom of heaven" but also to live life on a humble, sincere, and intense way... not only as individuals but also as entrepreneurs and business owners.

You might be wondering why I say so. And as always, let me explain myself.

My 9 year old son, Gabriel David, is writing a blog. He has dedicated it to one of his favorite games: Pokémon. If you have children around the same age, you surely know what I mean and who I'm talking about.

Last week we went on a walk through a dirt road surrounding our city’s airport. It’s a fun ride that gives us the opportunity to share quality time, some conversations, jokes, play some games and, of course, do a little bit of exercise.

Suddenly, Gabriel David started to talk about his blog, the visits he had already had, the different countries those visits were coming from (yes ... my 9 years old son checks his blog’s stats), the platforms more frequently used by his readers and those sort of things.

The first lesson: It’s all about passion. 

And as we continued talking about his blog, Gabriel told me about the many events happening within his “industry”, about Pokémon prizes and bonuses that could be achieved by playing games, we talked about strategies, about things that had happened to him while playing. We also talked about how he kept on learning new things, the interest he has to share these things with the people who read his blog.

His eyes lit up and he smiled while telling me the whole story. I could clearly feel in his words all the passion he felt about it (I guess it’s also because he's my son) and I couldn’t help but get myself infected by his enthusiasm too.

Not only he knows what he’s talking about, but he also enjoys a great time sharing those stories on his blog.

And I think it’s a lesson that very well suits all of us who have a space where we share our own content with the world: Our motivation isn’t only to create content for a group of subscribers, but to share with them the passion we feel about the subjects we write about.

In my case, it is marketing, sales, business management and life itself as it is. In your case: what is the passion moving you forward?

Second lesson: Authentic collaboration.

We all know that children are the most humble and transparent individuals in the whole world. You can see the example when kids meet others kids on the playground: Bring together two children who don’t know each other, who have never been together in life before, and within two seconds (maybe a little bit more) they start playing together without any problem, collaborating with each other, helping each other without major complications.

We adults are a little bit more complicated than that, am I right? 

As we grow old, we fill our souls with “adult” type of things, with our own interests, prejudices, pride, arrogance, selfishness, and so many irrelevant things not worth to mention here. The point is that we lose our ability to be transparent and humble.

And by not being neither transparent or humble, we lose our ability to work with others honestly, without bias, without selfishness.

How was I taught that by my son Gabriel David? He did publish on his blog an entry in which he sincerely apologized to his audience for having spent some months without writing new articles.

He also included, in all honesty, the explanation: "Since we know that we all have homework to do" :-D 

Moreover, in his desire to collaborate, he also posted an entry in which he told his readers, and their parents, "My dad (that would be me) writes a marketing and sales blog." What did he asked me for in return? Simply that I did the same thing and talk about his blog on mine.

Is there a more disinterested way to collaborate with others? When was the last time you were offered a deal like this in which you didn’t feel people were taking advantage of you?

Third Lesson: Be grateful to your audience.

We are all so wrapped up on achieving things, that we often forget the small details. What did I learn from Gabriel David? He published quite a simple post, so simple we could almost call it the "perfect 106 characters tweet" in which he thanked his audience for having reached a thousand views.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU ALL. .Thanks to you my blog has just reached 1079 visitors! You are my number 1. 

And since the real value of learning a lesson is putting what we’ve learned into action, I want to do just that with the lessons I learned from my son.

A million thanks to all of you, my number one, my readers, people who stand by everything I write here in this little corner of the cyberspace. Thanks to you this month my blog is becoming three years old!

Yes, you heard that right: Three years old already. And what better way to celebrate such an important event than by sharing with you those three beautiful lessons I learned from my 9 years old son?

What's left for me to do? To confirm to you my commitment to continue sharing the subjects I'm passionate about, to keep on doing it the most transparent and simple way as I can possible do, although you should keep in mind I'm a big grown-up with all that it means, and to always remember to thank you because without you, this space would simply be an empty one.


To you, my dear reader, for having continued to follow me for three consecutive years and for keeping me company throughout this rewarding journey. And to my son Gabriel David, for the beautiful lessons he unknowingly taught me, deeply touching my heart.

Thank you, dear son! Keep on always doing what you love with the same enthusiasm and dedication!

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