Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Why the party should be at your own house? Let me share with you one example

Keep the party at your house.
You know that whenever I talk about these kind of things, I like to share with you the reasons behind my thoughts and why I make the recommendations I make.

In last week’s post we were talking about the fact that all the efforts you do in the digital marketing world should be aimed to bringing your clients and prospects to your company’s website, or to any space of your ownership, one over which you have the control.

Of course it’s interesting and positive to take advantage of all different social platforms existing today to approach and develop dynamic and engaged communities around your company and products. That’s for sure!

However, you should always keep in mind you’re not the owner of any of the social platforms you use and while things remain this way, you will always depend on decisions made by real owners.

In some cases, those decisions will be in your favor. Some other cases, they will not.

This week I want to talk with you about a message I received a few weeks ago from the owners of one of the platforms I use for both personal and professional purposes: Facebook.

You want to know why the party has necessarily to be in your own house?

Until recently there was a Facebook application which was among my favorites: Messenger. I had it installed on my laptop and it allowed me to maintain interesting conversations with my contacts without having to log in to Facebook directly.

I found it quite a comfortable application and was accustomed to using it frequently. And you were doing the same for sure.

However, and despite my comfort and the way I felt like using this tool, its "owners", Facebook, did not see it from the same point of view: Definitely the fact that I interact with my contacts and maintain interesting conversations "outside" of my Facebook page isn’t interesting at all for them, because such “party” is happening not in their house but in mine, in the "privacy" and comfort of my laptop. And that’s not what they want.

That’s the reason why they decided to simply remove the application. No questions asked, no consultation, without any kind of ceremony. This is the message I received with the notice.

"We are sorry, but this application will stop working on March 3, 2014."

As you can see, it speaks completely by itself.

The message says it all: "Hey, we don’t like that you have the opportunity to be sharing and talking with your people from your laptop without logging in to Facebook, therefore this tool will no longer work."

And not only that, they also say: "If you want to continue to keep these interesting conversations, you have to do it directly from within Facebook, not from the outside."

When you see your neighbor 's beard burn …

That is why in last post I recommended you to use social platforms like Facebook for just what they are good at: developing relationships with the audience you are interested in, whether customers, prospects, colleagues, friends, family, or any other group you have decided to focus on.

But necessarily, if we're talking about your business, you should invite members of your audience to continue the party with you, to continue to interact with you in a space where you both can engage following mutually agreed upon rules and, above all, avoid the surprises that can come up when someone else makes the decisions, as in this case, Facebook decided it was not going to allow us to continue using its Messenger application in our computers anymore.

Allowing your digital presence to be dependent on someone else’s decisions is plane risky. And it's not one you should take.

I do believe what bothers me more about this whole thing is the imposition. I mean not even having the option to say whether or not I wanted to continue using the tool.

And that's the problem you can always face if the party is taking place at somebody else’s house: If the owner decides to turn off the lights at 2 am, lights will go out at that time and that's it. And this is only one among all, more relevant decisions they can make.

However, if the party is at your house you can maintain a policy of "open doors" for all members of your community, and that's a highly valuable opportunity you should take advantage of.

BTW: I forgot to mention Facebook Messenger is still available for mobile devices. How about that? I am guessing Facebook simply doesn’t want to miss that chance to have you hooked to the platform while you are away from your PC.

But if you’re in front of your desktop or laptop, nothing. Either you log in to Facebook or you simply forget about having those rich chats that were taking place through Messenger.

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