Monday, December 23, 2013

May love abound in your life these Christmas and throughout the New Year!

When I was choosing the image for this post, the first images I initially chose  were all the typical Christmas images: the tree with ornaments, glasses of champagne for the toast, an image of Santa Claus, and the like.

But suddenly, in my search, I came across this one, which has nothing to do with the others, but it really says what my best wish is for you, for me and for all of us: May love abound in your life these Christmas and throughout the New Year!

Why love?

Because I've found that if there is love in our lives all things work wonderfully well, with plenty smiles, illusions, hope, kindness, there are plenty of good thoughts... Good vibes as people say around here!

And if these things abound in our personal lives, they will surely abound in our businesses as well, and in our companies, our work and, therefore, things will go much better, despite the crisis, politicians and all those things which everyday, push to steal joy, peace, tranquility and harmony from us.

When love abounds, there is no much room for selfishness, and that's a good thing!

Therefore I conclude this year, as always, thanking you for being there, reading my posts, allowing me to share with you the things that I think, feel and live, and letting me know your opinions and experiences too by commenting.

And after thanking you, my wish for you is this one: That during these Holiday and throughout the New Year 2014, love abounds in your life, my life, and our lives!

Surely if love abounds, there is less room for selfishness and that, maybe, can even help us become better leaders.... And that is not a bad place to start the New Year from!

¡Merry Christmas and
Happy New Year 2014!

Your friend and fellow adventure
Joel J. Pinto

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