Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Are You Familiar With The Newest Hootsuite Features to Easily Share Content?

To Caesar what belongs to Caesar, and last week I was really surprised and excited when I learned about the new features launched to the market by my preferred social media management tool: Hootsuite.

And they have been changes whose only, and evident goal from my point of view, has been to make the content sharing and scheduling experience more positive and efficient for its users, that is, for you and me.

Now, only with the click of a button, Hootsuite offers you an easier way to share relevant content through all your social media channels, from anywhere in the web.

What are those changes and how can you make use of them?

Now you can select the text you would like to use when sharing a specific post.

Even though this is not a brand new feature, since I have been using it for a while now, the thruth is the dialogue box has been completely redesigned if you compare it with the one they used before, with a fresher and cleaner look, making for a more grateful user experience.

It only takes a few clicks to take advantage of it. When you are surfing the web and find yourself in front of that wonderful piece of content you would like to share with everyone on your social world, just do the following:
  1. Highlight on the post the main idea or paragraph you would like to use to create your message. Right click on it and you will be offered an emerging menu with the following option...
  2. "Share selected text via Hootsuite", click on it and you are taken to the following screen.

  3. Highlighted text will appear on the "Compose message" box. You can either leave it like that or make changes to it.
  4. From the drop down menu, choose the account (or accounts) through which you'd like to share the content.
  5. Choose the date and time of the day for your message to be published.
  6. You finally click on either "Schedule" to have your message programmed or "Auto-Schedule" to allow Hootsuite itself to choose the best time of the day for the message to be published.
It's really that simple, and the most important thing from my point of view, is to have the possibility to choose the text you would like to use to compose your message, allowing you to specifically choose that great phrase or idea you have the feeling will deliver the most positive and valuable message to your audience.

You can also share videos directly from YouTube.

The second thing that I found really interesting was the addition of a "Share with Hootsuite" button right next to the "Susbcribe" button inside the YouTube playback screen, exactly when you are watching the video, without asking you to leave the screen. Just right there, in front of your eyes.

This way does not allow for any distraction nor requires from you to take any additional action other than clicking on the "Share with Hootsuite" button and follow the same steps I indicated above:

  1. Click on the "Share with Hootsuite" button.
  2. From the drop-down menu choose the account (or accounts) through which you'd like to publish your message. Keep in mind you can always change the text included in the "Compose message" box.
  3. Finally you either choose date, time and click on "Schedule" to program your message or allow the "Hootsuite Auto Schedule" feature to do the job for you. That easy!

Discover Twitter conversations that include your keyword search in Google, right when you're searching.

And this is a feature you could only make use of before directly from you Hootsuite dashboard. So from now on it is all much easier. I offer you the following example so that you can follow me through. It's really simple and only takes a few clicks of your mouse.

  1. Type in your search term in Google's seach bar. For this example I performed a search using the word "Batidora (Blender)". As usual, Google offers you its SERP results. This isn't new.
  2. If you look closer, on the right side of your screen there is a small tab. When you click on it, a new tab opens up with the "Twitter results for" page, generated by Hootsuite, which shows the most recent tweets people are sending out that include your search term.
  3. Giving you the opportunity to directly add it to your Hootsuite dashboard.
  4. Ot to directly engaged with the Twitter community by either "Replying to" or "Retwitting"  messages other people are posting related to the keyword you initiated your search with.
As you can see, in this very simple way you can immediately engage with Twitter users that are talking about subjects of your interest and closely related to your business. Better timing impossible.

For me it is very clear, and I do hope to have helped you see it the same way. Those changes are aimed to reaching out for users instead of asking them to go to their dashboards everytime they want to share content, and that's a significant step.

The tools is getting closer to its users instead of the other way around, and that is great.

In a few words: ¡Making easier their users experience!

¿Do you use Hootsuite to manage your social media accounts?¿How do you feel about the new changes?

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