Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Feeling Absorbed By Your Digital Life ? Find Your Balance To Live Life Intensely

Afraid of missing out?
This entry has been written after a deep meditation I've been doing for a long time now and it’s about a subject I really want to share with you.

I understand that new technologies have radically changed the way we relate to the world . I have no doubts about that.

As a matter of fact, I consider it an extremely positive change . Of course I do.

Whether for business or for ourselves as individuals or professionals, the digital environment offers countless opportunities to interact with the world, in a way we could never have imagined before.

But as with all things in life and business, excesses are never good.

Have we lost the ability to fully focus on the moment we are living now?

A few weeks ago , I was with my kids at a McDonald's restaurant and at the table next to ours, there was a group of people, perhaps the mother with her children, or with a group of her daughters’ friends, neither I’m completely sure, nor asked. The point is that there was a group of four people at least next to our table.

While I continued chatting with my kids about topics we can only talk with them when they are between 8 and 10 years old, I couldn’t help but notice how, in the table next to ours, rather than maintaining a conversation, each of the four people sitting were perfectly focused on their mobile phones, instead of relating with each other.

Chatting , whatsapping, reading emails, posting a picture on twitter, or a facebook update. I don’t know. The truth is that all conversations had ceased, and silence reigned among them. You could only watch them as they’re sucked into their small, tiny screens.

And that wasn’t the saddest thing, but that the situation remained, at least, for twenty minutes. There was no conversation held. Only their mobile phones.

At that moment I thanked God that my children don’t have cell phones and I promised myself I would do every effort possible to keep such a situation from happening in my family, or at least , if it were to happen, to be able to recognize it beforehand and act accordingly, so that my children, my wife and I might always be able to connect to the moment we are living, and enjoy it here and now, not to let it pass without being noticed, therefore giving us an opportunity to enjoy everything, intensely and deeply.

Everything has its own space, time and its own moment.

I think every little thing we do in our life has its own space, time and moment. In the same way I can’t be riding my bike the whole day even though I would like to, I can’t stay connected on Facebook for endless hours, neither can I stop paying attention to my daily chores, my job, my children, my wife, and so many other things we could name.

The same goes for our digital life: it must have its own space, its time and moment in your every day. And it can’t, or shouldn’t, replace at all the experiences we can have each day offline. The same way we can’t replace one with the other, nor can we be making a stronger effort to living our digital life than the effort we put into living our "non- digital" life.

We can't replace our real life, with our digital life. Neither can we keep ourselves from taking advantage of what our digital life offers to us

Because, in the end, everything happens in real life. Or perhaps does it feel better to tell a friend you love him a lot by sending her a chain of hearts instead of giving her a big, strong, tight hug, the kind of hugs that take your breath away?

Or is it that it feels better to email or send a direct message to a client instead of having a face to face conversation over a cup of coffee?

It seems that everyone wants to be sociable on social networks, but what about being social in real life ?

So what happens when you're sitting at a table with some of your friends and they are with their heads buried into their cell phones most of the time?

Where is the social side of us at that time? When did we stop socializing as we did before? and when did we start being only able to socialize in our digital lives ?

What advise can I can offer you so you can balance it all ?

Make it a point to set priorities in your daily live. Give everything the time an moment it deserves, based on your priorities. A time and moment for everything.

Limiting the time you spend immersed in your digital life, and allocating time for all the other things you have to do, including socializing in real life, you'll be able to enjoy every one of them with more intensity, and you’ll develop stronger relationships with your immediate surroundings, with much more enthusiasm than you had before.

At least , I personally intend to do it that way .

I want to share with you the "I forgot my phone" video which fully illustrates message I want to convey in this post.

Forgot My Phone

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