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How to Develop Your Selling Skills and Get Better Results.

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Develop Your Sales Skills.
If there's something I've learned in my career is that personal productivity is closely connected to the development of certain habits we must apply in our daily routine to work efficiently and get the results we expect.

I have had the opportunity to work with great sales professionals and have learned many things from them. Things that, when transferred to your own environment, can simply help you become a more productive person.

Never be afraid of the word "selling".

Because, after all, your business and its growth depend on your ability to "sell it to others" from the very beginning. Whether when you are having a meeting with a potential investment partner, or when you are making your first interviews to select people who will be part of your team, or simply if you're trying to sign a deal with a large distributor which could help you open up new markets, your ability to sell your idea, your proposal will be crucial.

Remember there is a big difference between "selling" and "selling your soul to Evil", and such difference is created by people and how they behave, and not by the selling activity itself.

How can you develop your own selling skills and be more productive?

First of all, you must remember that all doors are closed until they open. I know it sounds absurdly logical, but it's a rock-solid truth: An opportunity doesn't exist, until you do your homework and find it.

It's like the story of the guy claiming God he hadn't won the lottery and the one thing God said was: "Son, at least, you should go out and buy the ticket. Don't you think?"

Nothing happens if we don't make it happen. It's just like that. And now that you're aware that things depend on you, and that you should be trying to "open doors" it's then well worth to consider the following tips:
  • Never assume rejection: No matter how crazy you think your proposal is, nor how difficult the situation is or even how solid your competitors are, don't assume your proposal is going to be rejected. Always allow the other side to be the one giving you the "no". Listening to what the other side has to say, will give you a great chance to improve your proposal and move forward. If you don't listen, how will you ever get to know?
  • Don't be afraid of rejection: Keep in mind for each "yes" you receive, there will be at least nine people closing their doors to you. If you keep this 9 to 1 rule on mind, it will be easier for you to keep your energy levels up, move forward and achieve your goals.
  • Don't be afraid to make some commitments: things done only halfway generally don't work and, if they do, they usually work halfway. Only if your are 100% committed to your business, you'll be able to deliver the best results. Keep yourself on the look for venues and alternatives to make things happen. Don't allow "giving up" to be an option for you. Keep on fighting with all your strengths to fulfill your goals and, if you aren't able to make it, at least you'll know you've made the best of your efforts.
  • Remember to work really hard and for as long as necessary: ​​Achieving the best results is always a mix of having the required talent, working hard, a bit of luck and being in the right place at the right time. Out of all these, the only one under your direct control is just working hard. Spend all the time needed to sign that important deal you've been dreaming of, to connect with customers and develop mutually beneficial relationships.
  • Always set for yourself big and realistic goals: When I started biking, I felt really comfortable riding between 15 and 20 miles a day. Only the day I decided to push myself a little further and set a higher goal, I could then achieve it. It was only then I thoroughly squeezed myself and got to 30, then 40 and ultimately up to 60 miles in one single day. Don't make your goal to earn money enough to live well. Think about making enough money to live comfortably well and you'll see the difference it makes. Remember: Always big and realistic!
  • Don't ever be satisfied: Make "always learning and growing" your slogan. Celebrate every success and take it as a testimony you can still take your company and your business further ahead. No matter how difficult things get or how small your steps forward are, make sure you are always moving forward.
  • Don't give way to boredom in your life: If there's one thing nobody can deny is that you can always find new opportunities, new customers, therefore there is no moment in which you can say: "This is it". Feeding the spirit of "continuous search" will get you very far in any endeavor you get into and achieve the best results.
  • Cultivate the habit of keeping in touch: Most big deals aren't signed either on the first or second meeting. There are even deals with longer sales cycles yet. What happens if you give up too soon? That you will not be there when the client ultimately makes the decision. If you're not there, what will happen? Simply that someone else will get the deal and the money. Make of following up an important habit into your routine.
  • Concentrate on developing long-term relationships: Do not focus just on transactions. Just don't. Build bridges to firmly connect with each of your prospects and customers. Remember the value of a customer is not only what he can buy from you now, but what he can buy throughout his life, the friends he can refer you with and the good reputation he can create for your business. Business are based on relationships instead of transactions and they are always built long-term.
As an entrepreneur or a business owner, your main responsibility will always be to grow your company. Developing your sales skills will be of enormous help to make it happen but, like all things in life, it's a continuous learning, self assesment and improving process.

What do you need then? Having a deep desire to improve your own performance, achieve best results and commit yourself to learning and growing better every day.

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