Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What Actions Can You Take In Social Networks That Might Be Really Effective?

How To Be More Socially Effective
Although there are no shortcuts to developing successful strategies on social networks, there are some actions that many professionals recommend, which have been proven effective throughout time and generate a positive interaction with your audience as well.

You must always keep in mind that participating in social media demands a significant amount of time and because of that, it’s not to be considered a free activity.

In addition, there are no shortcuts or magic formulas so that you can get immediate results, and finally, your participation in social media can’t replace the impact created by a low quality product.

How to really get involved in your social media strategy?

Having these three things clear, you can actually get truly involved in your social networking activities, implementing the following tips and analyzing the results you get for every specific product.

1.) Always be grateful: Being polite doesn’t mean you’re not strong, and thanking your customers for their purchase, your followers for their support, people who visit your blog and comment on your posts, is a very positive detail on your side which always generates a positive reaction (well, in most cases).
Try, for example, to make it a habit to write at least a few thank-you notes every day to see how it works for you. You will be amazed with the results.
2.) Try to give things away when you can: Only offering discounts on products, doesn’t always guarantee the best results. If you have the opportunity to give away something, you will cause a positive impression. Give away your knowledge, your experience, add value to your industry, the society, make online seminars, white-papers on specific topics of interest.
Free quality content always adds value and is positively received. Many people appreciate it and, eventually, these actions will help you turn visitors of your website or readers of your blog, to actual paying customers for your company.
3.) Listen first, then talk. It’s not only good advice but shows also good manners. Listening carefully to what’s happening in social networks within your industry can open up new business opportunities for your company.
Some companies have managed to detect conversations related to their business, such as a hotel listening to a user complaining about being waiting for a long time in the reception of another hotel. The hotel takes the opportunity to contact this user and simply shows its empathy for such a situation and wishes the “competitor” comes along to service the user as it deserves and offers itself as an option for a future opportunity.
What do you think will happen next? For sure that use, who isn’t having a good time today, will take the gesture in consideration for its next trip and consider the hotel as an option to stay only for having shown interest in offering their best service, won’t hesitate to recommend it to his friends. You can also do the same thing: listen actively so that you can then talk more effectively.
4.) Be always yourself. There is a tendency in social networks to try and over make up the image of the products, brands and people, and that's not necessary. Quite the opposite: The more authentic and transparent you are, you will have a better opportunity to create a stronger empathy with your audience.
Your customers want to do business with you, not a fictitious image of you or your company or product. Hasn’t it happened to you when you go to a fast food place, you get all excited looking at pictures in the menu, and then you just have the disappointment of confirming how different the actual food looks, or has it?
Well the same thing happens in social networks. Be yourself, vulnerable, human, real, and you will see you’ll get better results on the long road.
5.) Try to respond to everyone: Again, whenever possible. There is nothing more unpleasant than sending someone a direct message (either a mention on twitter, direct message, an email, a mention on Facebook or things like that) and not receiving a response.
If you don’t build the habit of responding to people who want to communicate with you, then you're missing important opportunities to improve the services you offer to your customer or even losing new business opportunities.
Replying is paramount especially when you receive complaints from your customers. Never delete or ignore them outright. It's a recipe for disaster. Remember the problem isn’t your company making a mistake, but it is not recognizing it and apologizing if it were the case.
6.) Do more talking and less selling: The real power of social networks is the ability it gives you to tell stories, to share content and not only to promote your products. You will get the stronger impact when the stories are true and may reflect your customers’ own experiences with your company and its services.
The sales speech is known around the world and we’re all used to it. Instead, try a different approach and tell real stories which add more value to relationships, and generate more nutritious interactions both for your audience and for the company itself.
And if you get your story to be sufficiently valuable and interesting to your audience and they identify with it and share it with their friends, then you have hit the sweet spot.
Those are just some of the things that you can try out to develop more positive interactions with your audience, generate positive results and push the growth of your company or brand.

Can you think of any others actions you might use to generate positive impact with your social media strategy?

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