Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Make Your Business Grow: What Actions Can You Take To Sell More?

Make Your Business Grow.
Growing your business can become a daunting task for you and easily overwhelm you.

There are so many things you have to take into consideration that many times, even without purpose, you stop paying attention to the most important one: Bringing in more money!

Some time ago, I read an article that brought together more than 50 tips to help business owners increase their sales.

I found it really interesting and wanted to choose for you, the tips I consider most relevant, effective and easy to implement. I grouped them according to the business areas they are related with.

You have them below. I am sure you’ll find them interesting as I am completely convinced they will assist them in increasing your business numbers.

If you don’t show it, you don’t sell it.

  • Get your business to be in the spotlight. Build for your business a strong corporate identity, impacting, simple but with elements that make you different from others. Give business cards to your friends and acquaintances, suppliers, partners. Help everybody know what your business is about.
  • Take advantage of all available tools: Email and video marketing, social networks and all other marketing tools that allow your business reach places you can’t physically be present.
  • Make sure you are always available by phone, email or any other channel: to offer your customers advice and recommendations regarding your products, or even products you don’t have in stock, and also to resolve any concerns or complaints that may arise after the purchase is done
  • Put some money in advertising: It’s a common mistake to expect your business to grow by itself, organically, with the lowest possible investment on your side. Don’t fall for it. If you have a restricted or minimum budget, it only means you have to optimize the way you use money, not that you can’t do anything. Advertise your business, no matter how discreet your campaign might be.
  • Participate in or organize community events: you can get in touch with your actual or potential customers by doing it. It will not only help you create a strong brand presence for your business but also allow you to humanize it a little bit. Keep in mind it’s all about people.
  • Expand your business reach: If a market becomes tight for you, look for opportunities to open new markets on different areas, new targets. Be always on the look for ways to expand your business footprint, even when things are going well. A business that is resting on its laurels, is in deep danger.

Take good care of your sales flow and sales team.

  • Always establish clear goals to drive your sales department by and monitor them regularly: No matter whether they are daily, weekly or monthly goals. It will depend on your product’s sales cycle. In any case, the important thing about goals is that they allow you to confirm if things are going well or if, on the contrary, it’s time to make decisions.
  • Once you reach your goals, go for bigger but always reasonable ones: One of the easiest ways to burn down a business is to set unrealistic goals. Pretending, for example, that a business that has just started is going to sell enough to buy a corporate jet in just six months, isn’t only unreal but childish. Realistic goals are easier to reach.
  • Give your sales team ongoing sales training: This way they’ll be more effective in every sales visit to customers or even at your store’s counter. There are specific techniques for each case, which might be of great interest to you.
  • If you don’t have a sales team: Seriously commit yourself to developing one for your company, no matter how small it is (just make sure it has at least two people). The results are always positive.
  • Promote healthy competition among your salespeople: Give them prizes and incentives, help them improve their performance every day, take good care of them and recognize their accomplishments. A motivated and committed sales force is the guarantee for your company’s growth.

If you have a client, you own a treasure.

  • Get to know your customers. Make a sincere effort to know who they are, what motivated them to come to your business, where they live, what they like and how did they get to know your company. All the information you can gather will be extremely useful in discovering new marketing opportunities.
  • Create a complete database of your customers. And don’t settle, if at all possible, to simply collect contact information (phone number, email address and so forth). Go a bit further and try to learn a little about their likes, hobbies and lifestyle. This information will come handy while designing your promotional efforts.
  • "The important thing is not having your customers coming in but coming back afterwards" therefore you should concentrate your efforts on making your client have a unique shopping experience so they do business with you and no one else, and feel motivated enough to recommend you to their friends.
  • Offer your customers different payment options: It happened to me once I went to make a purchase and the guys only accepted cash. I had to go out and walk to the ATM to get the money to pay. Quite a bother. Don’t allow this to happen to your customers as they can decide to go somewhere else.
  • Make sure you shine in the after-sales service: Customer’s loyalty is built after the purchase has occurred, therefore it’s an excellent idea to take every possible opportunity to be there, on your customer side, ready to solve any problem that may arise or just to make sure everything went as you expected it.
  • Reward your most loyal customers. Invite them to share their experience with others. You can always turn them into powerful brand ambassadors. Word of mouth advertising continues to be the most powerful kind of promotion you can get, especially in a hyper-connected world like ours.
  • Conduct frequent satisfaction surveys: always show your customers their opinion is important to you, and use those opinions to develop real  improvements in your products or services.
  • Take advantage of seasonal sales: Not only your clients will be more willing to increase their spending, but you will have an opportunity to make your promotions more effective and increase your numbers significantly.

As you can see, those are simple things that don’t take much effort to implement once you realize the important influence they can have on your business development. Take them into consideration and implement them one by one if you find it difficult to do it all at the same time.

The only thing that can happen is that your sales begin to flow in a more orderly and organized way, and that is definitely not bad for your business, or is it?

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