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Popularity and Influence in Social Networks: Create Your Own Voice

You've to create your own voice
Definitely when talking about "influence" in social networks, a great expectation is generated, perhaps because being influential is the goal of many people who are taking advantage of the huge impact social networks provide, to gain an extraordinary visibility and become popular, thus believing they are "influential", or perhaps there is people out there really interested in providing others with relevant content and value, therefore promoting positive changes in people’s live.

A comment made by my dear colleague Juan Urrios in a previous post (link at the end of this post) reflects the reality that should lie behind each influential person. As a matter of fact, it does reflect what should lie behind anyone who intends to add value and make a difference in other’s people lives and, should also be the reality behind our digital presence.

With Juan’s permission, I share with you what he wrote: "We must have our own criteria. In despite of how influential and responsible a person is, we don’t have to say “amen” to everything that person says, because we would become mere repetition monkeys. It’s evident that, as a person is more prepared on a specific subject, its mindset and opinion about such subject itself will be stronger."

The importance of creating your own voice.

Juan’s comment involves three fundamental things you have to take into consideration if you really want to develop your own personality, and not one that is simply a copy of someone else’s who you follow in social networks. A personality which identifies you and allows you to leave your own mark.

  • You have to have your own criteria: Make room for your own opinions, thoughts, reflections, criteria to be known, so that you speak a voice of your own, and that is only possible if that voice emerges from deep inside you, naturally. No matter how strong or soft it might be, it’s your voice, and identifies you.
  • Do not become a mere repetition monkey: It goes without saying. Sharing content just because it comes from someone you consider influential, or because it had an attractive title and nothing else, isn’t the best way to build your own voice. What you share, even the content you generate yourself, must be a reflection of your own thoughts, what you think is right and what you consider might add value to others. Sharing just because it’s nice will turn you into a retransmission antenna, nothing else. You will not be adding any value and no one will recognize your voice, because you won’t have one.
  • The more prepared you are about an specific subject, the more solid your opinions will be: And this point is really going to help you build a very strong voice of your own: Make it a habit to continuously study and build up your knowledge, read a lot, participate in discussion groups and forums, ask about things you don’t know, investigate, search, be always eager to learn about new things, to learn more about those things about which you are passionate. Thus, you will not only have an opinion strong enough to distinguish the wheat from the chaff, but you’ll also be able to share, and generate, really interesting, valuable content, which will appeal to people who read it and will help to bring about change in their lives and businesses.

While preparing this post, one of the bloggers I read more regularly, from whom I share almost everything he publishes and who I recommend you reading, Andrés Pérez Ortega, Personal Branding specialist, posted on his blog an article entitled "Are you a voice or a speaker?" in which he wrote the following sentence: "Your personal brand is an instrument based on the development of individual liberties and I deeply agree with it. "

And it’s all just about that: your personal freedom! Your voice should be a free reflection of who you are, both professionally and personally, it should be a honest, sincere reflection of your inner self, without any makeup. Anything you try to simulate or pretend to be - either to become more popular or gain visibility - will be noticed in time.

People say that "first you catch a liar than a lame" and is something you should consider at all times.

On top of everything, make your own voice shine, no matter how big or small, loud or soft it is, but it will be enough to bring to life your own individuality.

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