Sunday, January 6, 2013

2013 Will Be A Year Of Positive Changes.

And changes start at home, as it should always be. If you have noticed, I have added some new things to this blog, so that your experience with it becomes more enjoyable and you can have easy access to important information.

Who am I and which the mission of this blog is?

Ok, now you can find that information in two new tabs in the top navigation bar. The first one is "Mission and Vision" where you will learn a little bit more about this blog, what it wants to mean for you and where it is headed to from now on.

The second tab is about me, your servant, the person who writes this blog. I named it "Let's Get to Know" precisely because I don't want it to be just for you to get to know me, but also to have the wonderful opportunity of getting to know you a little bit better.

Want to read these posts in Spanish?

If you are just interested in practicing the language, or just browsing a little longer, the link to this blog's version in Spanish is also included in the top navigation bar. It's named "Versión en Español" obviously.

Do you want us to get connected on LinkedIn?

It is now much easier. The link is on the left sidebar, just below where you see the link to Puromarketing.

And that's about it, small little changes I'm giving this blog, which in 2013 celebrates its second birthday, thanks to you and due to you.

Thanks for your visits (which are always important), thanks for your comments (which are even more important) and thanks a lot for sharing my posts, for which I'm forever grateful.

Have a wonderful day!

Joel Pinto

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