Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Suffering Of "Tunnel Vision" While Managing Your Business?

Suffering of "Tunnel Vision"?
We all know that having goals is necessary, we could even say it's mandatory if we want to know whether the actions we are taking, both in our marketing efforts as in life itself, are effective or not and, therefore, will enable us to make proper decisions in a timely fashion.

But it often happens that the "achieving goals" thing becomes a crying rally and, behind it, many entrepreneurs put themselves into a frantic race towards achieving those goals as if the intensity or cruelty of the race itself was in itself their goal.

One of the things I like about driving is that, if you look around, you can make yourself aware of many things: the landscape, a particular building, signs announcing different things (some important, some not so much), other cars , and so on.

However, when you enter a tunnel, have you noticed how everything suddenly changes?

Inside the tunnel your focus is on the road ahead and the exit if you have it in sight.

Your focus is on the light you see at the end of the tunnel or, in the best case scenario, you stare at the car in front of you. After all, there is not that much to look at while inside the tunnel, or is there?

Inside the tunnel, there are very few elements that assit you in creating an overall view of what's happening on your surroundings, allowing you to be aware of what's happening around you and how all this can affect your ride, yourself and those who are with you in the car.

Does this sound familiar to you? This is the way in which many entrepreneurs, perhaps yourself, manage their business: fully focused on achieving their goals.

They simply go straight forward, driving without looking around, not paying attention to the things around them and without giving any importance to the influence, positive or negative, that these things can have on their achievement of those results, business profitability, and therefore satisfaction of all people related: stockholders, employees and partners.

How can you change this way of managing your business and be more effective?

Well, you must start by not thinking as if you were inside a tunnel. Don't keep you focus only in your goals and achieving them, but concentrate on coordinating and  managing, the best you can, all neccessary actions you should take to achieve the goals you've set.

And for doing that and being more effective, you should use all the information that is around you. If you pay close attention to your surroundings, you will surely find new opportunities, avoid difficult situations for your company such as that driver who is zigzag driving at a very high speed and whom, if doesn't maneuver quickly, will destroy your car, and will hurt people inside of it, including yourself, of course.

Open your eyes and ears to enjoy the scenery. Gather information. Develop alternative plans. Who is to know? Maybe you come to find a shortcut that helps you achieve your goals in half the time you expected? Maybe a "business angel" interested in funding your project? How about a competitor going bankrupt and leaving an open spot for you?

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