Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Facebook: Neither With You Nor Without You.

Facebook: Ni contigo, ni sin tí.
I think the social network in which I spent most of my time is Facebook. But surprisingly, it isn’t the one I like the most. And so, why do I then keep sharing bits of my life through it?

A few days ago, a colleague asked me what my thoughts were about facebook and what came out of my mouth surprised me: I still think I'm on it mainly because the people I want to share moments with are particularly active users of this  successful social network.

But is that all?, How do I feel about facebook?

No, it’s not all. I will try to define facebook as a social network on my own way and will then try a reconciliation. For me facebook is like a big city full of life, and very, very noisy.

The citizens of facebook (its users) reside in small apartments (personal profiles). Each of these areas reflects the personal touch of its tenants, also becoming a perfect spot to manifest their own lifestyle and mindset.

These apartments can have the door open for anyone who wants to drop by without calling first or conversely, its residents may choose to close the door and decide who goes in or not (through a friend request).

I would recommend configuring your privacy settings as you like, and therefore control some of your life in such a chaotic a city, ruled on one hand by the absence of Mark Zuckerberg and secondly by these rules we know as "facebooknians".

To succeed on facebook, you’ve got to know what its main purpose is.

To succeed in this virtual city you must have a very clear understanding that your main purpose should be to share updates about your tastes, feelings, hobbies and so forth. At least that was the idea on the beginning.

Like in any big city, there is a big avenue (newsfeed) where you can freely wander around to keep up with the latest updates from your friends and greet them, or comment on their status.

Sometimes you can even enjoy a nice chat with some friends about specific subjects without even noticing it. A good way to draw your friend’s attention and interact with them on something you want, is as simple as mentioning their name or labeling them.

What if you don’t feel like talking to your friends? It’s ok. You can also enjoy a great ride by doing some window-shopping in the main avenue (visiting professional or business pages).

Facebook pages help professionals in business, companies and brands to connect with their audiences, improve customer communication and build brand loyalty. Facebook pages are an important marketing tool.

Feeling like talking about something specific? What about joining a Club?

If you just want to talk with people who have similar interests as you do, you can join a social club (or what they call "Groups" on facebook).

In the facebook "Groups", not all members have to be friends with each other, but they have become a useful channel to meet people and exchange ideas on a common theme.

So far, the way I feel about facebook is not strong enough as to invite me to undertake a full reconciliation with this social network everyone is talking about, but now I see clearly how I feel about it: What I actually don’t like about facebook is not its system, but its constant failures.

Hey, by the way ... Do you have Facebook?

Author: Pilar Perez BazI am from Zamora and love my roots. Love them so much that I can’t stay away too long from my roots but I also love Galicia, the land that welcomed me and where I gave birth to my only daughter Sara, Galician by birth and conviction. I'm enthusiastic, I like to share, love technology and the internet. @Pilarperezbaz

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