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Using “Click to Chat” Platforms to Create a Unique Customer Experience.

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Among the goals you should have set for your company if it’s selling its products over the Internet, is to find the way to make your visitors enjoy a fascinating experience while shopping on your site.

Keep in mind that in many cases, regardless of how dynamic your site might be, when your client needs your attention, unfortunately their options are often narrowed down to a phone call, sending an email, filling out a contact form indicating what their needs are or, as in many cases it happens, to browse through a comprehensive database where you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Seizing the opportunity to solve your customer’s problems in real time.

Many websites dedicate entire spaces to offering advice and recommendations to help you create an unparalleled shopping experience for your customer.

Today I want to share with you my opinion about a tool that I use quite often: Access to a customer service chat window, available 24 hours a day, which for me has been the most effective tool of all that I have used so far to contacting companies over the Internet, and it has helped solve problems on many different occasions.

These tools are grouped under the name of "Click to Chat" platforms and represent a highly valuable opportunity for you to take care of your customers’ needs right on real time, as they are happening, without having them waiting for your response until the next business day or, in the worst case, lose a customer because he couldn’t get answers to a specific question right at the moment he was making the decision to buy your products.

Try to look at it as if you were your own customer.

And since I'm offering you this recommendation because I have personally used this platforms many times, I’m letting you know how I got the most out of them.

I have my web site services with a company in the United States. Usually I access my account’s control panels at night, when I come back home after work. In the moments is late at night, as it might also be the situation for you.

And you know most of the companies don’t work around the clock, therefore my window of time to make a phone call or get directly in contact with them is very limited.

So far all the incidences that I’ve had have been promptly resolved, because they have a tool which allows me to directly chat with their customer service representatives, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and it has been so convenient for me to be able to get answers to all my queries in less than five or ten minutes the most, right at the moment I need them.

If you compare this situation to waiting for hours, days, or even until next Monday, when you happen to have the problem on Friday night, then you can easily realize the immense satisfaction you get to feel as a customer by having your problems solved in real time through the use of platforms like these.

What are the most obvious advantages of online click to chat platforms?

From my point of view, there are many, and for sure I won’t be able to write them all down here, but here it goes:
  • The relationship with your customers becomes closer, more human, and that's positive.
  • Only takes one click to your clients to contact you and, most importantly, it doesn’t cost any money to them.
  • You offer your client the opportunity to openly and completely speak and share with you either their satisfaction or frustration, it’s the same. At least you have an opportunity to sort things out, and your customer will definitely appreciate it.
  • Your company’s image is definitely strengthened by showing you really care about listening to what your customers have to say.
And I think the most important of all, it keeps your customer from making the decision to go somewhere else right when they were on the middle of the buying process.

Like I said at the beginning, for me it’s a tool I really like and use, as long as the company makes it available to me. The example I’ve shares with you at the beginning of this post, is just one of many I could write about.

I use the “Click to Chat” platforms not only with them, but also with the people handling my house’s mortgage, with the bank, with some of the applications I use to manage social networks, and some other service providers who might not come to my mind right now, and it’s always proved to be very helpful.

Therefore, and to wrap up this post, I want to offer you a recommendation: If you want to assist visitors to your website in having a better experience while shopping, make this tools available to them.

It’s probably going to cost you some money, but it will always be a very profitable investment.

If you find my recommendation useful, here you’ve got  a few companies you can visit and request more information on their specific services and pricing plans.

Kayako Engage.

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