Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I Share, You Share. But They... Are They Also Sharing?

¡Let's build this up together!
A few weeks ago, chatting with a couple of dear fellow, Andrés (@ Ander73) and Tania (@ TaniaMontoro) about social networks pillars, Andrés commented that almost everyone who "live" on this side of the line, understand that sharing and conversation are key to social media strategies.

And it's true: almost all of us "who live on this side," we are completely aware of this fact, we know how social networks function and perform, and we understand that sharing and conversation are key elements.

But if that is so, why are still out there so many companies still not understanding how to take full advantage of their social media presence?

Why many entrepreneurs still think that this is a child's play and nothing more, and  pay little attention to it?

We must break through the barrier and show this reality to the world.

It is easy for those of us involved in this social media thing, who have received specific training on the subject or have been related to it within our professional environment for some time, to understand why the conversation and interaction are so important, and what significance both might have within a marketing strategy and in achieving certain, specified goals within a plan.

But not many of those who are starting up their businesses today, or even many longtime business owners and people in influential positions, who lack of specific training in social media and marketing subject, understanding it so easily nor see it the same way and, in many cases, the only thing they have is the experience generated by the day-to-day managing of their business.

For them, talking about ROI, interaction, communication, target market, added values, unique selling proposition, social networks, facebook, twitter, instagram, and so many other terms, familiar to all of us, becomes little more than confusing, and that’s why they remain on "the other side of the line", non believers, full of doubts, not even daring to take the first steps.

It is them who need to understand why it is important to share and converse in social media.

As we help more business owners and people in decision making positions, become aware of this reality and how the rules of the marketing game have changed in social platforms, we will be doing our job for social networks to reach their full potential and be valued at their true extent as communication channels, and on the same boat, our jobs as professionals who offer services on this area will also be valued properly. And that will be good.

It is them who must take an active part in this dynamic and productive process, which in many parts of the world is already generating positive results, increasing sales and building stronger relationships between customers and companies committed to doing the job properly

Strengthening customer relationships through conversation.

It is amazing the reach your company can obtain through the proper use of social platforms and tools within integrated marketing plans.

Inviting companies to share in an open, honest and transparent way with their audiences, they get to generate interesting conversations and nutritious with their customers, and they can also get to know, in a close and certain way, who their customer is and how to effectively take care of them.

This action promotes the development of stronger relationships with customers, with its corresponding positive impact on business volume.

That is why we must promote, in a simple language that can be understood by everybody, this new way of building relationships with different audiences on the market.

Let’s make conversations and sharing involve us all, in a true 2.0 environment, with neither boundaries nor limits for anybody!

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