Tuesday, September 11, 2012

SMB can also be written with G of Greatness.

With G for "Greatness"
A couple of days ago, while talking with a very dear friend, Joaquín Gómez (@Gomezbar39) we commented about certain practices occurring in companies, (not so regular practices if we could say).

Practices which are often associated with small businesses’ operations, or companies that don’t have great facilities, great capitals, or even the possibility of having a strong payroll, specialized in each business’ area of ​operation.

A comment made by Joaquín during our conversation, strongly caught my attention: "Welcome to the S of SMB", as it reminded me that these irregular practices not only occur in small but also large corporations, and that, I have proven on my own experience.

That's when I realized that the difference between a small business and a large corporation is not the size, nor capital, nor assets, nor a large customer base, but the mentality of its officers, directors, or of those who have the power to make decisions.

A business’ greatness begins on the mind of its owner.

Being an SMB doesn’t have to be a sentence that forces you to manage your business punch after punch, making your decisions as the great foreman squeezing his pawns, hiding from suppliers and being late with his payments.

Being an SMB doesn’t have to be a bad excuse or a false justification for the inappropriate management of your business. Quite the contrary.

Being a small business is a great opportunity to be different in a society that cries out for people to show that things can be done the right way, even with limited resources. It’s an excellent opportunity to set an example, to rise the bar, and make money while doing things right.

The difference between a SMB written with S for “small” and one written with G for “greatness” really relies on your mindset as an entrepreneur, the ideas you have, in the illusion that you put into your business, in the way you project it towards the future and how all these things apply to your daily operations.

In fact, with the right mindset and attitude your company can be much more efficient than larger corporations, and can also create a more positive environment both internally, within the company itself, and externally towards your customers and suppliers.

Let the S in SMB only refer to the size of your company and not the way you manage it.

For the times being, a change of course is required to be made. The inertia and heavy weight of the economic crisis is creating really deplorable scenes in many areas, not to mention its impact on those families which are really hurt and doing bad.

Make sure that the S of SMB only serves to identify your company by its size and limitations, but that has nothing to do with the way you manage your business and make decisions.

It is a good time to show that quality is not achieved with money but with effort and hard work. Manage your business with a capital G of greatness, with good, honest and transparent management, focusing on delivering good service and better quality and adding value to your relationships,

You’ll see how things begin to be different within your business and, who knows, you might already be closer to moving to the M of “Medium Size” business.

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