Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Top 10 most read and commented post of our first year!

Happy First Birthday!
Today is especially significant for me and I want to share it with you

A year ago I started writing this blog very excited, highly motivated, enthusiastic, with great effort and, on top of everything, eager to share and learn from the experience of all of us who, day after day go around the world, giving our best to build successful businesses in this highly complicated world.

Today, after 58 articles and 12 months of putting it all in paper, I am very proud to say it's been a wonderful journey. We've walked together many, many miles and I have learned a lot from you through your comments and messages.

To show you my appreciation and gratitude, I have selected for you the Top 10 articles of this first year. I didn't think it would be so difficult to choose them, because somehow there are some of them which are my favorites ones, but I had to be fair and come up with a list of only the top 10.

What criteria did I use to choose them?

Quite simple: This is a space to do a little talking and, therefore, the winners have been those posts that have generated the most interaction from you, either because you did click on the "+1" Google, or because you engaged with your comments.

Here is the selection of the Top Ten posts of the year:

A special mention to my two favorite posts

As always, there are two posts I wish they had made the cut, but they didn´t. I want to include them as an added value, if you don't mind. Those two are:

Thanks again for your support, your visits and comments.

¡This first year has been a spectacular experience! Having had the opportunity to write about and share with you my points of view and opinions about this exciting marketing, advertising and social media world we're all involved with has been terrific.

I look forward to continue seeing you here as often as always, and I reiterate my commitment to share with you only relevant topics that may add value to our professional lives, and why not?, on a personal level as well.

With all my heart, thank you!

Joel Pinto

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