Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Social Media: Don’t stop halfway down.

Did you stop to smell the flowers?
There is a story about a football club which was going through an extremely bad streak, in which everything was going the way it shouldn’t: not winning games, not being motivated enough, they were not even making the elementary plays, the basic ones. In few words: a total disaster.

Faced with such a difficult situation, and after completing one of the games they lost more outrageously, the coach gathered his entire staff on the benches, asked all of them to take a deep breath and relax a little bit. Then he took the ball in his hands, staring at it, lifting it up, and started saying, "Gentlemen, back to the basics. This is ... a soccer ball."

It was necessary, by that time, to start from the beginning, the basic concept.

The market is about products + companies + consumers.

Social media is a truly dynamic environment that moves at such an impressive speed, with a tool for almost anything you can think of, abundance of options and possibilities. In such an environment it’s easy to make a stop on your way to smell the flowers and get distracted by this new application which is just fresh out of the oven, brand new on its package and with many new features. Has it happened to you already? You've probably heard until boredom about the little boy who got lost in the woods and couldn’t make it back home, right?

At times like those we are living in today, where every day we get to see a new digital tool being developed, it’s worth recalling a fundamental concept in marketing and business: the business cycle is built upon a company that produces a product or service for the use of a consumer in exchange of a compensation, which is usually money.

Nothing more! All other considerations you can think of, revolve around this fundamental concept. If one of these elements isn’t there, the market itself doesn’t exist. Come’n, give it a try. Think about it. Imagine for a moment that there is no company. Who creates and develops the product? I hear you probably saying, "Well, someone will come up with something", and I would say yes, and I'll tell you, at that moment, that person has turned itself into "the company".

With the new tools in social networks, do not stop halfway down.

What’s the point in today’s post? Social media marketing exists to connect you with your client on a digital and extraordinary way, and pursue specific goals, either selling, building relationships, or any goal you choose. Again, it's still marketing, but in a digital environment and society.

In this social environment in which we decided to meet with our client, there are many beautiful trees, large and lush. They each represent a tool in social networks, both old and those that have emerged more recently. Many of these trees are so striking that it is difficult not to get lost in their new features and benefits and forget that we’ve came to this forest to meet our clients.

You can’t lose your focus. Your goal is not to stop and smell flowers, or stare at each of the trees and tools individually, but to connect with your customer. If trees are distracting your attention more than they should, keeping you from seeing where your customer is, it's time to rethink some things and start over.

The gold of social networks, regardless of the venue of your choice, it’s the wonderful opportunity they offer to interact with your customers in a way never seen before, without being limited by time, physical space or geographical distances.

Turn all those trees into connecting bridges with your client.

Make the most out of the benefits each tree offers, whether facebook, Google +, twitter, Pinterest, Blogger, Wordpress, Foursquare, Linkedin or any species of choice, to build a bond with your client, your audience, keeping always in mind it was the reason you decided to come to this forest we called "social networks".

Don’t stop in the middle. Building connecting bridges with your audience, you are directing your efforts towards achieving for your business the goals that initially brought you here and obtaining the greatest benefit you can from your social marketing plan.

What do you think about it? are you putting all your efforts in building the connecting bridges?

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