Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Customers: Past, present and future of your business.

Customers: Your past, present & future.
A few days ago, commenting with Luis Reyes, a dear friend who has became a source of inspiration for me, about an article published on this blog, titled "Corporate reputation and sales reps’ responsibility", Luis said to me: "Customers are our past, present and future."

And, as always, jokingly I told Luis that it was quite true, because our customers shaped our business' trajectory, your business'.

I'd like to share with you my thoughts on the subject:

• Your customers are in fact your past, for they already lived the experience of buying your product or hiring your services. It's them who can influence your brand new customers through their thoughts, comments or complaints. If you did a good job with them and you were're able to deliver your customers a great experience, they'll then be your best source of referrals. And you know the value of a client who positively refers you with others.

• Obviously, customers are your present: and I do believe that goes without saying. Customers are your bread and butter, day after day, with their money you pay your payrolls, keep suppliers under control and fatten your shareholders. While money from your customers flows, you are happy. This one you really need to digest because it's a hard-to-understand reality for many businesses owners: Businesses grow because they have customers, nothing more. If there are no customers who buy, there is no business growing. But we already talked about earlier on. If you want to read it, find the link at the bottom of this post.

• Finally, your customers are your future: Because you will continue to work if they continue buying from you, unless you can find a way to finance your business without depending on your customers buying. And as far as I know, that only works with nonprofit organizations, and I don't think your business is one of them, and even then...

The role of your customers in your business' commercial cycle.

After all, the point that I'm trying to emphasize is the tremendous importance of your customers in the life cycle of any product, whether we look back in the past as well as if we project it into the future.

If you have done your best effort in developing a strong satisfied customer policy in your company, ensuring that those who already bought your product or service are enjoying a truly positive experience, one that's memorable, and trying to do the same with those customers you're doing business with today, I can tell you you're doing things properly.

Unfortunately, it also happens that for many companies, customers are just numbers or files, and they focus their marketing strategies to simply increase sales no matter what, hammering them down, using any kind of marketing, advertising and communication strategies, both on social networks and traditional media, legal and not that legal.

Your customers are much more than numbers.

If it's your case, please consider this: your customers are much more than numbers. They are the past, present and future of your business, whether you understand it or not. Take the opportunity today to offer them the best of your company and its product.

This way you can build a strong, positive reputation for your brand, a large subscriber base for your business and ensure a better future overall.

"Live the present, because the past is gone and you cannot do anything about it, and the future is uncertain, and no one knows what will happen." However, in business, you still profit on what you did on the past, and definitely can do a lot to build a brighter future for yourself and your company.

And of course what you do today, will also be the seed of what you collect in the future. It looks like a tongue twister but it holds true as a rock.

To wrap it up then, in your company, are your customers simply numbers?

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