Tuesday, December 27, 2011

¿Where are our marketing practices going during 2012?

What's out there for us?

And finally we made it to 2011’s last week! And even though there is no real pause between one year and the following, it’s as if we’re really going into a New Year, a different one. It feels like closing one door and stepping into a different room. ¡It’s an overwhelming feeling, very difficult to put down on words!

This is a wonderful time of the year to look back and think, analyze, meditate. I love doing it. Thinking a little bit about the things we’ve done, about those that continue to be in our “to-do list” and even about those we did without even planning ahead.

It's also a good time to ask yourself: Where are we heading to next year? What's out there waiting for us in 2012, that many people think is going to be even harder than 2011, and for others, it doesn't look like it's going to be so bad?

The new way of doing business, doing marketing, has taking a very exciting direction which, at least for me, it’s really enjoyable and makes me truly believe it’s a direction in which you can really start putting together highly profitable strategies, with little waste and a lot of satisfaction for both of the participating actors: your company and its customers.

It’s not about finding out today which is going to be the most successful social network, if Google+ is finally going to give Facebook a hard time, or if Twitter will finally open up and say it’s going again California’s giant, or if location-based marketing will finally become an effective strategy, or if mobile marketing will be the “New Mambo King” or not, or if social protests will continue to be promoted and coordinated by the twitt or by whatsapping!

This time I’m simply referring to the fact your customer will finally become the main element on your planning. This customer which has been able to develop a powerful voice, with a huge capacity to cooperate with others and contribute to collective knowledge, a consumer who has challenged any doubt there could be about his value on the sales cycle, and has brought old sales speeches that are no longer enough to the spotlight, and so many other things that are being revised now. If we want to put it brieffly “your customer has got the control”

The fact you're now making such a strong effort to develop relevant content for them, of their interest, that gets their attention and invites them to share it with others, it's really something you've never done before.

The fact you’re now so eager to include among your goals to developing the “referral sale” or the sale you can do by being recommended by your customers with their friends, thanks to a honest and transparent relationship with your customers, where there is value for both sides, it’s also a huge step forward if compared to the way marketing had been done for many years.

And that’s good for everybody. It’s good for your company because it really pushes you to creatively compete and add value to your relationship with customers. It’s good for customers because, in exchange of their loyalty and recommendation to others,  they’ll get better product and services offers, which will be completely focused on fulfilling each and every need they might have.

It’s also good for the society as a whole because companies and consumers will be working together for the first time in many years.

That’s the reason why I enjoy so much this new way of doing marketing focusing our efforts in delivering an integer, positive customer experience. Because it’s really, and has always been,  about developing satisfied customers.

It doesn’t matter who beats who, or who becomes the leader this year, nor is about which is going to be the application everyone will be talking about. For sure we’ll have the opportunity to test and play with new, technologically advanced toys but now, it’s about winning over your customer’s loyalty. That will be key to measuring your efforts’ success.

¿What can I recommend you to carry it on throughout the year? Definitely from all the things we’ve learnt and shared this year, the best advise I can offer you is to closely listen to what's happening around you, to what your customers are saying about your company, brand or product. Listen to what they comment and share, and make sure to develop many “ears” in many places so that you don’t lose any opportunity to develop a stronger and more positive experience for your customers.

From this little place in the ciberspace we wish you the very best in the world starting the very first day of the upcoming year and forver.

Happy New Year 2012!

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