Tuesday, December 6, 2011

¿Can your business exist without customers?

Without customers buying, there's no business.
Some time ago I wrote an article entitled "Customer or company: which side are you on?" And one of the comments I received in one of the sites in which the article was published stated: "I think the company is more important than the customer because customers exist due to a company which is servicing them."

That person also added "... it is precisely the product the real "star" on the company-customer relationship."

My answer came with no delay. Can a business exist without customers who buy the products? Is there a star product with no customers buying it? The only way for a product to become “the star product” is by having many people buying it, isn’t it?

If you continue to think about the product being the king, it’s understandable because for many years companies have been focused on marketing the product, brand or the company itself, while there were little ways for the clients to make their opinion known, to bring it to the table. 

Everything worked only one way: from the company to the customer. Your company did manufacture a product and brought it to the market through different venues. Your clients went to the outlet of their choice and bought the product. Occasionally, if you were interested (which was very rare) in getting to know who your customer was, you only had to run a market survey and, with some metrics and analytics, you were able to define who your "average customer" was, and then moved on.

But now you must understand that the company has never been, or shouldn’t have been playing the main role. Neither should have the product. Nothing happens for your business if, on the other side of the counter, there isn’t a human being considering that everything you say, do and offer seems good and makes the decision to give you his money because he truly feels your product actually meets his needs, whichever they are.

It has always been this way: No customers willing to buy your product, there is no business for your company. With no business for your company, there is no money and with no money, there is no progress.

Even in very remote times, when companies were not "business" as we know them today and transactions were made through the exchange of food and things, if, for instance, you had four goats and, a typical day, wanted to exchange them for fish (yes, I know ... is not a balanced exchange, but let’s use it only as an example) if there was nobody interested in your goats, you were not going to have fish that day. It was really simple.

Even such a long time ago, if there was not a human being on the other side of the “business transaction”, nothing was ever going to happen. Very simple and it's been true for centuries, as it is today and will remain the same way forever.

And I think there's not much to say. If you still think that your product is the star, share with us why. What if your customers do not buy?

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