Tuesday, December 13, 2011

3 Questions that can help you grow your business¡

Just 3 simple questions.
This post was originally published by Salvador Figueros, a fellow blogger, and I found it so interesting that I asked Salvador to allow me to publish it here. I dedicate it to all of you, business owners and small to medium entrepreneurs who might be banging their heads trying to figure out ways to increase business.

There’s a simple formula: If you can turn each of your 10€ order into a 13€ one, you would be increasing your sales 30%. Right? If you make this every single day, at the end of the month, your profits will surprise you. But how can you make it happen? Here is where Santiago’s post fits perfectly and explains it so clear there’s little to add to it. Here you have it.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

“McDonald's is a great company. That's not new for anybody. Since Ray Kroc started the business years ago, things have worked out great for the franchise. There are many others who do similar things, but not the same.

It makes sense to see what they do. Analyze it. Learn from them.When things go well for so long, it means that what they’re doing, it’s been done properly. There is always a reason. Leaders do not leave that much room for chance. McDonald's doesn’t do it either.

The interesting thing is that you can learn from their secrets. You just have to get in the line to place your order and pay a little attention to what happens around you. Open your eyes wide and listen. Sometimes it can offer you a great lesson.

¿You want to biggie-size it?

You are in the queue. It is your turn and you ask for a "Big Mac". Then, you hear the voice of the attendant saying, "You want to biggie-size it?".

Just a few words is all it takes, and it’s enough. You don’t need much more to boost your income. Perhaps you didn’t think about the bigger size. It's okay. There you have the McDonald's staff to remind you.

Why? Because they know that question might mean additional income. There is a huge difference between making it or not. It's really easy. Just offer the customer an option. It's really easy, but there are only a few businesses that take advantage of it, and many other simply don’t do it at all.

¿Nuggets, chicken wings, ...?

Fortunately, there are many possibilities. Can you simply order the menu? For sure. It's more than enough if you’re not that hungry, but if you’re offered a supplement whether it’s nuggets, onion rings, wing, it might actually improve your meal. The options are readily available and Mc Donald’s staff simply offers them to you.

If you’re on a good mood, then usually add an order of 6 or 9 nuggets (you’re always offered the opportunity to choose). You always have the possibility of adding a supplement to your order, or not. You can still opt for the small, medium or large menu. No one is forcing you.

The game is a game of choices. There are never so many options as to get you confused or overwhelmed. Just enough for you to consider. That’s it. Think about how many customers they serve on a daily basis. You can now figure out how their business is increased by using this simple way of doing things.

Anything else?

You’re about to pull your wallet to pay, but there's always time for another question. This time, it works as a final summary: Anything else?

You’re being asked this question just when the process is almost finished. You might want to make sure you’re not leaving anything behind (dessert, pastries, ...). Did you ask for all the things you wanted to? Perfect. Now you’re finished. For sure?Great. You’re done. You’re happy and so is McDonald's. Happiness for you, revenue for them.

These are three simple questions, but have the power to increase your business significantly. They help you bring more money in everytime. They help you sell more. They help you not to leave anything behind.

At the end, everything is natural. It simply flows. Naturally. The questions come when they have to come and the process isn’t interrupted at anytime. In the end, everyone wins.

Reformulate these questions for your business and start working the way big companies do. If these questions can increase your income, why shouldn’t you try them out?”

Author Santiago Figueros
Published in Spanish at 3 Preguntas Que Pueden Doblar Tu Negocio
Translated by Joel Pinto

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