Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It's not called "social media" for nothing.

It's not called "social media" for nothing.
No matter the social platform you use, there is that one thing you can do (and usually you do) that will quickly make you disappear from the radar screen, so fast that you would never know what happened. And, unfortunately, yes: You probably are already doing. If you want to summarize it in just one thing: being-ego-driven!

Most users of social networks are acting like, with all due respect, "content factories". Since most people say the idea is to develop content, many are simply devoted just to doing that. They are dedicated to writing articles, posts, tweets, uploading photos and videos, sharing links, updates, all the content you can imagine, and the do it with no limits, publishing it almost immediately, to everyone they know, and those they don’t know too, in groups, forums, to fans and friends.

If this is the way you’re doing, then stop. Stop right now. If you continue on this path, your followers, friends, acquaintances, fans and all of those who follow you somehow, will soon simply ignore you because you’ve forgotten the most important rule for social media behavior: Being social!

Even when it seems it’s a very simple and trivial thing, maybe you're one of those users who have not yet realized this "little-tiny-detail". Are you wondering why your followers don’t respond to your posts? Why do they ignore what you write or share? Have you come to think about this?

There is a fundamental element: interactivity. And it’s the motor behind all social networks. If in real life you’ve a friend who’s only dedicated to talking to you about him, nothing more than him and him alone, without even giving you the opportunity to say a word about anything, for sure next time you see him coming, you’ll hide away. No doubt about it. Or even not picking up the phone when he calls you, because you’re just trying to ignore the guy. Has it ever happened to you before?

The same is true for social networks. Don’t get confused thinking that your online communication goes only on one direction, because it’s not like that. However it takes a strong effort to get to have a very strong interaction that resembles a face to face encounter, but you might be able to get to approach your customers this way. It’s not only that it would be good; it’s that you’ve to try to get this close to them. The idea is simple: if you want people to pay attention to you, you should pay attention to them first. If you only push for your content, you’ll end up boring them and eroding the relationship. Maybe you’ll end up talking to a wall. Don’t let this happen!

People are not going to care whether your content is original or not, and neither about who you are unless you show you care about them and the things they like the same way. It’s a fact. But then you come to a cross joint: How do we get to develop such an interaction?

The answer again is very simple: Treat them the way you want them to treat you. If you're not getting enough comments, "like" or visits to your site, blog or website, or if you don’t have enough followers on your Twitter account, it's probably because you're not commenting much, or following other people, and not being involved with others and you just want it all for yourself.

You don’t have to spend 24 hours a day commenting and following what other people do, but providing them with content of their interest, sharing your opinions, comments, thoughts, your "likes", “retweet” what others "tweet", and so on. You already have the idea.

Keep in mind it’s about interacting, relating with others, and definitely it’s not about having a space in which you only talk about yourself, your products or brand. Try to listen and contribute first. The rest will come by itself.

Treat others the way you would have them do unto you. Have you tried it before? Were you able to notice the difference?

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