Monday, October 24, 2011

How important is what your customer experiences with your product?

¡La experiencia de producto es la clave!
Whether you've designed a great strategy, with a creative out of this world and have invested a lot of money on advertising, still there is something that isn’t in your control. You know what it is?

The answer: What your customer experiences with your product.

And what do we mean by that? Well, it’s about everything that happens after your customer has said yes, bought your product (whatever it is, even if we are talking about your own services) and has already used it.

This is the starting point for everything. From this moment on, your customer will have the opportunity to confirm whether:
  • The promises you made while insisting on selling your product, were all true.
  • What he heard or read about your product, was true.
  • Those comments he read on your “Wall" on Facebook widely recommending your product, were true. 
And for sure there will be many other things your clients will be confirming that didn’t come to my mind, but I’m sure you already have the idea. Imagine that between you and your client there’s a line separating both. While the customer is at your shop, buying, he’s on your side of the line. When the product is sold and your customer is at home, he’s on the other side of the line. As much as you’d like to influence him after he crosses to the other side of the line, you can’t, or at least, not on the same way.

The same applies to your marketing efforts: it doesn’t matter how eager you’re to approach your customer and make sure his experience with the product is great, you just can’t. The closest you can get is to stay by his side to be sure that if any problem, question, inconvenience that should come up, is properly resolved, so that your client enjoys a satisfactory customer experience. And yet the experience as such, belongs to your customers. They live it, feel it, it's unique, personal and strongly subjective.

You're probably saying "Well, Joel, that's nice! What do you mean then? that there is nothing I can do to make this experience a positive one? "

No, of course that’s not what I mean. What I want you to know is that there’re so many things you can do to "ensure" the best you can, that your customer’s experience with the product is a positive one. You can start by making sure that:
  • Your product does what you said it would, that is, always sell the truth.
  • Only promise what you’re sure you can deliver and don’t ever "oversell" anything.
  • There are immediate venues for your customer to contact you if he was to have any kind of problem or concern. 
The customer has immediate, fast and simple access to product guides, FAQ, demos, and any available tool that can assist him on having a positive experience with the product.

And above everything, make sure to personally be there if your client needs help. Not only if he actually is to have a problem but also if he wants to show you his gratitude and satisfaction if he fells completely and totally pleased with your products and services.

We all know that things may not go as expected, that's normal. However, receiving prompt assistance, quickly and helpfully, can appease any inconvenience and turn a potentially negative situation into a positive one.

And I’m sharing this with you because I recently had such an experience with the company I bought an application from I needed for my Facebook page. Like any new thing, at first I took a couple of quibbles trying to handle it, however, their customer service has been so helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly to me that those glitches appear not to have existed at all and I wouldn’t hesitate to refer them with you, if you were to need their product.

That’s the kind of product experience you should make sure your customers have. Don’t you think?

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