Saturday, August 6, 2011

Would you like to know the secret for doing succesful 2.0 campaings?

The secret of the Web 2.0: Passion!
I have read many posts on different blogs, many of them focused on offering you "the secret", the magic formula, the one thing you haven’t been able to find "to be successful in your promotional campaigns in social media. Reading them all I came to realize that, deep inside, what they are trying to tell you is very simple: Fell passionate about what you do, and do whatever you do on a passionate way!

It sounds common-sense, but it’s as easy as it can get, and I would like to share with you the reasons why I feel this way from a realistic, perfectly practical point of view and with my two feet on the ground!

  • You always find time: When you are passionate about something, there is no way you’re going to say “no”. There will always be room in your agenda for it, to take care of it. If you fell a deep passion in regards to developing your promotional campaigns in the Web 2.0 as in any other environment, you will always have for them, to analyze and improve them.
  • You are eager to know more about it: because it is never enough, because you always find something new, because you feel so much passion for what you do, that each day you want to know something more.
  • There is energy on your words: Have you ever thought for a moment the power and the conviction with which people that are impassioned about something talk? ¿have you ever seen their shiny eyes? That it is the energy you will transmit through your contents in the Web 2.0 when you do it with passion. Because it comes from deep inside, from your feelings, from the inner conviction you feel that all things you share are going to be positive for someone out there, and you know it’s going to be good.
  • You are honest: Have you ever tried to hide something you are completely convinced about? It’s hard, isn’t it? When passion moves you, and you know that something can be really effective for someone, you transmit it with extraordinary confidence. It is really difficult to hide, or simply not to talk about it. It is like if you were listening to a close friend telling you about a problem he has, and you know there is a solution for the problem (maybe because you’ve been on the same situation before or something) and you just close your mouth and tell him absolutely nothing. Would you do it? ¿would you keep yourself from telling him that you know something that can be good for him and help him get out of the problem?
Let me give you an example: In my case, I am an advertising and marketing fan, whether it’s online or offline, it’s the same. I love the way you can grow your business by making use of different tools and strategies. Each time I run across an idea or concept, whether it’s mine or from someone else, and it looks really interesting and truthful, I can’t keep myself from sharing it.

One of the ideas that has strongly caught my attention lately is that of "developing close relationships with your clients based on loyalty and confidence”. Huge, isn’t it? It is being given as an advice for you to consider when developing your social media promotional campaigns.

And why do I feel so attached to it? Because I know that is true and, from my point of view, that is good to share it with you, because it can help you have better results in your plans and strategies.

If what you do impassions you and you do it with passion (caution, they are two different things although they look very similar!) it will be easy to set the bases to develop extraordinary and mutually beneficial relationships with your clients, because you will take care on listening to what they need, because you will find in your business or industry something that you are totally convinced is going to help them solve their need, and because you will share it with them with a lot of energy!

From that point on, the road to develop your promotional strategies, whether it’s on the Web 2.0 or anywhere, it should all be ok and work out for you. If at anytime isn’t going good, ask yourself if you are doing it with passion and feel passionate about what you’re doing. Ask yourself if, deep inside, you are convinced that whatever you are sharing or doing, it’s going to be good for those out there listening to you.

If your answer is no, well it is time to revise strategies and start over!

But, what about you? What do you think? ¿Do you share my point of view or you have a different one? Share with us your comments. It is always good to learn something new, especially if it’s about something that I feel so passionate about!

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