Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Social media advertising is all trendy!

Social Media Advertising.
Social media should be your best option to impact potential clients, as more and more people sign up for social media profiles, whether for personal use or business. With the growing popularity of Facebook and Twitter in recent years, social media advertising has taken a new direction. And now with Google+ also on the game, it’s sure going to get better!

¿What do you need to consider when advertising in social media?

It’s all about connections: The impact of social media advertising isn’t only referred to targeting your immediate potential client, but to the possibility of – based on a different and really appealing message – being recommended to contacts in his network … ¡one impact that multiplies by itself!

Don’t forget who the decision maker is: Even though you can think that men generally make decisions, it isn’t always like that. Always based on the product you have and goals of your campaign, in many cases, is the woman the one who makes the decision or, better yet, the one that has the final word on it.

Also think the world has changed a lot and, nowadays, many women have managed to reach impressive professional status… ¡keep it on you agenda: if someday you don’t know who to target, it’s always safer to target the woman!

Keep good track of results: We can’t encourage you to take this subject more seriously, but one of the actions in which you should put more emphasis and effort is in results measuring and monitoring for each of the campaigns you have out there, just to have the opportunity to change your direction in time before things become bitter.

If you say you will, please do: Do not forget that social media is about the user and not your business. If you promise something in your campaigns, make sure you deliver. If you do, it will award you with positive recommendations… if you don’t, you will also get them, but of those that can do a lot of damage to your business.

Combine your ads with 2.0 content: Combine your ads with your social media pages, with videos, link with other contents and groups. Schedule surveys, contests, coupons, ¡Be interactive! By being interactive, you will generate positive synergies with your users, will get comments and receive feedback from them, and that is very good.

Make sure your ads run in the proper environment. As it has always been the case, media buying criteria continue being so valid as usual.

Don’t stay into just one venue: Social media is good, but it’s not about social media alone. It’s just a marketing tool, probably the newest one, but still a tool. If budget allows, mix in your campaigns banners and e-mails, flying, AdWords campaigns, sponsorships and other media.

This way you will always increase your exposure and reach, and will not be stuck into one single road.

Advertisements will always be a strong component on your campaigns, but in an environment as the one we’re experiencing today, they always have to have company to achieve their full effectiveness.

Make sure you consider all available options when planning your campaigns.

The more important thing continues to be properly planning ahead, stick to your plan, and always measure the results you’re obtaining as you go.

Do you put together a plan before advertising in social media, or any venue? ¿do you lay down your goals clearly before embarking social media campaigns or campaigns in any another environment?


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