Friday, August 19, 2011

It's not a golden rule but works great: Honesty and transparency.

It works great: Honesty and transparency.
It doesn’t matter how many friends or fans you have in your Facebook page, or your followers in Twitter, or how many people watch your videos on Youtube. It doesn’t matter if some days what you share is extraordinarily good, and some other days, well not so good!

It doesn't matter if your profile picture says you are a little older, or younger (usually it's the last one!). There is a rule that you should consider at all times and with which you should comply in a strict way, if you want to survive, not only in social media, but also in your business.

Being honest and transparent!

There are many eyes looking at all things posted on the web, a lot of information that flows from one side to the other, many people that share content, comments (positive or negative, ¡it’s the same!),in regards to your business, product or brands, as well as about you. Who knows?

If you recall the famous word "viral", then yes, it applies for both the good things and the not-so-good things, and they can create such a “buzz”, and reach in, just a few minutes, hundreds, thousands of people. If it’s a positive comment about your product, then magnificent! But, ¿what if it’s not?, ¿what happens if the comment spreading out is from a client you badly let down? ¿can you get the picture?

It stands to reason the importance of this "golden rule": Be honest and transparent!

HONESTY: If you're honest to yourself, with your business, the product you offer, and with your clients, and if you’re really committed to doing things the best way possible, then you are finally ready for a learning process that can be very positive for you, from many points of view.

Not only your product can get better, but all the things surrounding you can also change, because you are a person that can be trusted. And trust generates confidence. No doubt abou it.

TRANSPARENCY: Have you ever been on the unpleasant situation in which you get into a relationship with someone that tells you to have some specific intentions, only to find out – a few months later – that it was not really true, and that the person had other things on mind?

It goes the same way for business. Transparency is fundamental on any relationship.

Do you like it when you buy a product, and then realize there was some small print in the original offer that you didn’t see, or simply didn’t notice, and your decision turns out to be one of your worst decisions ever?

We all know that, at the end, your goal is to develop your business, and along with it, your relationships with customers, and sales volume, of course, we all do know. But if all your relationships and contacts with clients or associates are based on your need to grow, then you will never be able to offer transparency, because you aren’t seeking a mutually beneficial relationship, only your own benefit. And the worse thing is that it’s going to show up on your face!

Being transparent and honest is an exercise of will. It requires a tremendous effort and being conscious of the fact that, nowadays, the saying "a lie repeated a thousand times becomes true" is no longer like that.

Nowadays there are many ways for people to know that what you are sharing, saying or stating is not completely certain, or that is plainly false.

And if you get cornered there, then you are in for a big reputation challenge which most of the times, is really difficult to recover from. Stick to this simple recommendation: Be honest and transparent, and you will stay out of trouble longer.

And you, ¿do you feel it is important? ¿or you believe that is something that can be done only if is strictly necessary? what do you think?


  1. It's very important to look at the definitions of honesty and transparency as they apply to social media and business in general. To some degree they have become buzz words, but I think you're treat of them here is thoughtful and considered with care.

  2. Thanks for the comment. It's truly appreciated. They do have become "buzz" words and must of the times used on different ways. The important thing for us to remember is to stick to the true and not to have second intentions, and if so, to make it clear upfront, which brings you back to being honest.

    Thanks for commenting :-D