Tuesday, August 23, 2011

“Humanize” your social media presence.

"Humanize" your social media presence.
We are all target of several impacts from marketing campaigns throughout the day. As a matter of fact, much more impacts than we could ever pay attention to, or even remember.

In social networks, something similar is starting to happen. Yes, there are many companies developing their marketing efforts through social media. Maybe yours is one of them and that’s the reason why this post’s title caught your attention.

There is no doubt that using social media to promote your brand or company is a good thing to do. For sure it is. You can use social media to develop close and positive relationships with your clients, firmly positioning your product in their minds, becoming their preferred brand and leaving competitors way behind.

But, if you are using these tools, make sure to give them a “human” side, give a face and a voice to your social media participation. Keep in mind you’re talking with human beings not machines, and even though it’s a virtual contact, it has the same value and possibly the same impact as a “face to face” encounter in your business’ counter.

So, what do you have to keep in mind?
  • Don’t simply copy your website content into your social pages: Your website is for you, to show off your brand, products, and your company. Social media is to relate with your customers. It’s a different story. Give them content they will enjoy, that will bring them something new, valuable, and different. Don’t give them the same old thing.
  • Always show your face: get someone to be always available to answer your customers face to face if required. Your company logo won’t be enough, get a real person. Giving a face to your social media presence will make it more human, turning it into a real person like those with whom you are planning to get in touch with. Let it be that way, face to face, people to people, and not corporation to people, because that way it won’t work.
  • Turn yourself their best buddy: develop a rich conversation, not only about you talking with them as if you were in a classroom, explaining your students how good your product is. Talk as a friend would do, a coworker, share with them unique things, and interesting ones. Make yourself sure you are always there for them when they need you to. Don’t do it only on your time, when it’s possible for you. Make an effort. Show you really care. Do what a real friend would do.
  • Offer rewards and prizes: Motivate them to visit your social pages regularly. A gift, a special discount on their next purchase, something they won’t find anywhere else. Be creative.
  • As always, content is king: Make sure your content is relevant for them and not only a simple copy of your sales brochure or product catalogue. Even try to generate content connected with them, their hobbies, likes, and so forth.
  • Always make it personal: always have real people respond to your customer inquiries, maybe simply signing off with their real name or something like that. Make yourself easy to understand and, if possible, casual. Talk their same language.
  • Give them the control: Allow them to comment, complain, and open up with you through your social pages. Maybe sometime you will have to face a hard one, but remember it’s also a wonderful opportunity to get to know your customers better, improve your product and strengthen your relationship with them. It will always be positive for you.
  • Make yourself trustful and be transparent: Don’t come to the game with second intentions, answer all questions, comments, and complains clearly and as soon as possible. Don’t let time and silences ruin your relationship with a customer.

Keep these recommendations always on your mind. Social media can be extraordinarily effective, if you properly take advantage of them.

What else do you think you can do to make your social media presence more “human”?

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