Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Do you remember when we first met?

Love in Social Networks.
It is a very suggestive title, isn't it?

But this time we're not going to talk about a love story, nor about a lovely dinner...Maybe next time we go for it!

This time, we are going to talk about a question that for sure has been circling around your head, above all recently, when everyone is talking about "establishing honest, close relationships with your clients in social networks."

And just to put some light on the subject, I want you to think about those days in which you met, for the first time, ¡your great love! I do hope it hasn't been a long time ago, long enough so that you don't remember anything. 

¿What comes to your mind?

Since I can’t read your mind, I am going to share with you how I lived it:
  • I showed my interest in things that pleased her (and by the way, she is my actual wife), so interested that I even helped her study when she had exams, even though our professions were completely different.
  • I tried to please her at all times, to bring a smile to her face, to help her have a good time.
  • Our conversations were almost always about things that she liked, that way I managed to get to know about many things that we did together afterwards.
  • I wanted to catch her attention at all times and, in someway, to put her inside my pocket (although at the end I believe it was the other way around).
  • I had surprises for her frequently, such as non-expected gifts, flowers, and so on.
  • When we were on the phone, we spent hours and hours, and it appeared we were never going to hang up.
  • I got used to ask for forgiveness and recognize when I was wrong, and never tried to point my finger at her (believe me, I did try my best). That way there was always good energy between us!
And I believe it is enough, since at this point I am positively sure you got the message!

In your social media promotional strategy, your goal is the same one: To develop with your users, clients or prospects a relation of “love”, loyalty, confidence, uprightness; a relationship through which you can get to know your client deeply:
  • Get to know what he is interested on; it will enable you to generate interesting conversations that will be relevant for him. In fact, if you can even contribute with new things on the same subject, much better.
  • Always try to make him have a good time; that his experience as your client is always positive, even when, in reality, you might have made more than one mistake. 
  • Try to surprise him and to win his confidence and loyalty with prizes, gifts, special considerations, recognitions... Try to make him understand that he is truly special for you!
  • When you get to talk to him (on the phone, chat, or Skype) try not to go straight to the point and be rude, show your kind side at all times. At the end it is only going to take you a couple more minutes! 
  •  If you make a mistake, recognize it immediately and do not try point your finger at him. There is nothing nicer than a person that recognizes his mistake and makes it up for you.
In brief, as you might have already realized, in the real life as well as in social networks, the basics of a long-lasting relationship are the same.
¿What do you think? ¿do you develop your relationships with clients taking this point of view?, do you have a different opinion you would like to share with us?

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