Thursday, July 28, 2011

What about Buyer 2.0?

Buyer 2.0 - Always connected.
The goal of all your marketing campaigns and any promotional efforts is to have your effective message (whether your ad or creative piece) been delivered in a positive way to your prospects, or those people you consider your prospects.

The problem is, if you don’t know who your prospect is, ¿how can you find out the best way to have your message been delivered to them? ¿which is the venue that will allow you to effectively reach this prospect, that now we have nicknamed "Buyer 2.0"?

With Web’s evolution toward the 2.0 environment, a new buyer was born; we shared in a previous post.  It is him who has become the target of all your promotional and marketing efforts not only because he is your customer today, but will continue to be your customer in the future.

The question that you should be asking yourself at this time is: And what about this Buyer 2.0?  What did he do to get that funny title?

The concept of Buyer 2.0 refers to a well informed person, that doesn’t have time to waste, and if he does waste it, it is for something that he is really interested on. He is quite immune to the traditional and obvious publicity, always searching for prominent, innovative information, and likes to live new and different experiences.

You don’t have to freak out about all of this because, after all, just like his ancestor, the Buyer 2.0 also reads the newspaper, what happens now is that he probably reads the paper online, or on his mobile phone while he travels to work.

Simply put, the tools are different although the habits continue being the same!

Here we want to share with you some fundamental trails in regards to Buyer 2.0.

Communication: On top of everything, Buyer 2.0 talks a new language, which he has learned based on his relationships with his equals on the Internet. You must have realized already how new web users make use of happy faces, trim words down, use "nicknames" and abbreviations while chatting with friends.

And not only that, Buyer 2.0 each day uses his cell phone, social networks, iPods, SMS, Instant Messages, digital cameras, etc. Our buyer is already a communications expert, and has also turned himself into a content generator (UGC) through Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, among other tools.

Portability:  They are hyper-connected!  They have access to an Internet connection at all times, whether in their own portable computer, or mobile phones, videogame controllers, television, in public places, restaurants… ¡everywhere!

Out of all these platforms, the one that we must emphasize on is the mobile phone. The new Buyers 2.0 are connected permanently, they have greater power to make decisions, more options to chose from and are more eager to receive information than ever.

Shared Intimacy: The Buyer 2.0 belongs and lives on social networks, he comments about his life, about things that happen to him, about what he enjoys and about what he doesn’t enjoy so much. Shares and chats with friends, acquaintances and relatives in a light environment, free!

The concept of privacy, as it is understood by older generations, doesn’t worry him a lot, although is not a rule for everybody.

Multitasking: They are used to carrying out more than one thing at the same time and not losing their concentration because of that.  It is normal to find this character connected on the Wii while at the same time downloads his e-mails on his mobile phone and chats with a friend in Facebook on his portable.

This Buyer 2.0 is integrated with technology in such a way that is unthinkable for many.

Immediacy:  The Buyer 2.0 consumes the contents when he is willing to, ready to. He no longer needs to be at home to be connected to the Web.

If you want to get a picture of it, imagine you are driving your car and, five minutes before arriving downtown, you are checking on the Internet or with a friend, where and at what price can you buy that book you have been searching for, or even changing your mind on the last minute because a nearby friend published a very significant criticism about the product that your wanted to buy.

This is very important: Buyer 2.0 doesn’t depend on traditional venues to receive or produce contents. At all times he is in full capacity of generating / interacting with relevant content through multiple platforms.

Two-ways communication: They are individuals who need to relate, interact with others, with both parties actively involved in the communication process.  By no means, he likes one-side-only communications, which were so normal in passed times.

Buyer 2.0’s communication power is clearly shown on the Internet and all the different communication tools that are available, including blogs, forums, virtual communities, prices-checkers, etc.

Continuous search of relevant content: It is a habit for Buyer 2.0! He is always on the look for interesting content to enjoy it, and then share it with his friends and contacts. That is what we call (you might have heard about it already) "Buzz": the potential embedded in any content to be spread out through the network, by word of mouth, in an uncontrollable and unpredictable way.

Keep in mind this when planning the content you are going to generate for your clients or users.  If the content is really prominent, interesting and unique, you have the possibility to have it spread in a spectacular way and get “viral” or generate a huge “marketing buzz” around it.

Which is the magic formula?  Make sure your content is relevant, prominent, interesting and unique according to your user’s eyes, not yours.

Wants to be listened: Realizing that he has got such a powerful voice on the Web, Buyer 2.0 needs to be listened to. He feels his opinions are important, even if only for a few people, but important anyway.  There is where you have your best business opportunity, whether you are a businessman, or an online marketing professional: Your potential client simply wants to be listened to, but truly, authentically.  Not like you did before. He wants you to listen to him seriously. 

In the new environment, the Buyer 2.0 is involved a lot more in the purchasing process. No longer is he a buyer simply "eating what the business want to feed him with" but seeks to fulfill and satisfy his own information needs through innumerable resources.

It is here where the real difference between Buyer 1.0 and 2.0 is, to make it simple. And it is here where the opportunity for your business or brand is found!

If you are able to develop an active listening relationship and from there, by listening, you get to really know who your prospect or current client is, your promotional campaigns and marketing efforts will be extraordinarily effective.

Are you really listening to your prospects? Have you got to know your clients as you do know your friends?

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