Monday, July 18, 2011

(Part III) 15 Most Common Errors in Social Media Campaigns.

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This is the final post on the “15 Most Common Errors in Social Media Campaigns”  we have put together for you so to that you can have it as a reference when planning your own social media strategy, or even while you are right on the middle of your campaign.

DON’T LOSE THE HORIZON: Don’t be more concerned about making the sale than about establishing the relationship. The sale will be the last one and will never be under your control. If you concentrate your efforts in developing a mutually beneficial relationship, the sale will come by itself, it will simply happen.

If you try to sell your product or brand in every content you share, you are bound to lose, for sure. People don’t want to be bombarded with sales pitches neither conversations on the same direction. Quite the opposite, users will pay more attention to content that is relevant for them, not for you.

Concentrate on making the connection first, and then win their confidence. If it’s done this way, finally your followers will actively listen to you consistently. From that moment on, sales come in a natural way. 

DON’T BECOME AN EXTREMIST: Don’t mix your personal and professional lives. They don’t mix together. Even when you want to give yourself, or your company a “social” kind of touch, don’t become a “showman” who is all friendly with everybody, just because you want them to like you. This is why you have to study your audience first and then plan ahead your goals, objective and the path you’re going to follow to achieve them. Don’t become an extremist: neither too social nor too corporate. Find the proper balance.

DON’T LOSE YOUR IMAGE:  Keep in mind your presence in social media should be an extension of your own image, or that of your business or brand. They must be connected, and never dissociated. Make sure you understand this is a “creating-brand-loyalty” process therefore it is all connected, both your image online and off-line.

NOT BEING FLEXIBLE: If at any moment during your campaign, you realize you aren’t going where you should be going to, and that results are not what they were supposed to be, pull your brakes and hold for a bit. Analyze what you are doing, how, and what venues did you chose to work with. Make decisions and be flexible enough as to recognize your error and start all over. It will be different and make you fell better.

DON’T STAY AWAY FROM THE REST OF THE TEAM:  A social media campaign doesn’t sell itself. It needs your continuous support; needs to be completely understood by all company’s employees or business partners, and on top of everything, needs to be a complement of global marketing campaign already implemented.

The social media campaign shouldn’t be perceived as a remote, isolated entity. Instead, it should be engaging to all your coworkers, business’ officers and whoever is willing to participate and commit to it.

It is a wonderful, interesting thing to develop a social media presence for your company or brand, even for you. That is definitely right, for sure it is.

Nevertheless, it is better to take a small step back, and look at things from the outside and learn from the errors others have committed before, so that you don’t make the same mistakes again.

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