Friday, July 15, 2011

Part II. 15 most common errors in Social Media strategies

Hi, again. Thanks for coming back! We continue sharing with you, this list of what you should not do when developing your social media campaign.

NOT GENERATING YOUR OWN CONTENT:  Don’t turn into a simple "repeater" of information developed by others; neither publish several times the same content in different places. You will simply be working double and wasting not only your time but that of others. Plan ahead what you are going to do and where, so that there are not misunderstandings. 

Generate your own content focusing on your readers or clients; offer them a benefit, something that is really good for them. Your content will then become more interesting and you will receive positive feedback… always! 

DO NOT SPAM:  Using “spam” techniques to obtain friends or fans is definitely a "no-no". Keep in mind the fundamental element in social networks is the user and his/her privacy, freedom, the control that the user has to decide what he really likes and recommends.  If you try to invade his space on an intrusive way, your failure is guaranteed. The user you want to talk to, will simply ignore you. 
DON’T PUSH THE SALE:  Just like the spamming, pushing your sales through your social networks is going to generate, sooner or later, your messages being ignored.  Do not want to sell through your social networks.  Develop relationships first, with mutual benefits on a win-win situation. The sale will be a consequence of your user being loyal to your brand or company, engaged with your content. By doing so, you will make them aware enough about your brand as to generate the sale.

Obviously if your presence in social networks is for business only, at any point in time you will have to open up and ask for the business, make a call to action and show what you offer. Try to take a different approach and base your offer on the relationship you have already established and nurtured. If from the very beginning it is clear you are going for the business, then you will be ignored, and that would be it!

DON’T BE EGOCENTRIC:  Don’t develop your campaign based on your own feelings, but on your customer’s feelings or those of the people you are willing to approach to. If you love Facebook but your clients don’t, should you be there? Do not invest your limited time in places that are only appealing to you. Look for those your customers enjoy and are fans of, places that mean something valuable for them and that will allow you to reach your goals at the same time.

Social networks are not about you, neither about your product. They are about your users, your clients, your prospects.  You belong to them and you are there because of them. Make sure to generate quality content oriented to your target audience. It will guarantee you get their attention and, little by little, you will win over their confidence.

DON’T LOSE IT: Social networks are not an overnight process.  It’s like any another relationship in life:  It takes time to cultivate and develop it, but if it is done properly, it will yield extraordinary fruits.  Don’t expect to get results by doing nothing. Be patient.

If you don’t commit yourself, nothing will happen.  If you don’t invest your time, nothing will happen. If you don’t get actively involved, same thing.  Be patient and concentrate on doing your job with enthusiasm, dedication and a lot of energy. The results will eventually come up, as it has been in most successful cases.

Take a moment to think about what we have recommended you here and see if you are making the same mistakes on your strategy, or just some of them. We have mentioned to you before that the good thing about realizing you have made a mistake, is that you have an opportunity to take a different direction. So do it now!

Would you like to share with us your own experience?  Leave your comments. It is all about you and your participation!

In the next delivery, the last five things you shouldn’t do in your social media strategy.

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