Saturday, July 2, 2011

Are you listening? But... really?

Many specialists say it is one of the most serious errors (and often repeated) that occur in social media campaigns. And it seems to be, likewise, one of the most common out of the social media too.

Which could be the reason?  Many business owners simply listen to what they want to listen to, what agrees with them, what is suitable for them, although when a non-happy customer complains, feels not comfortable, disappointed and that is increasingly angry represents for your business a unique and unrepeatable opportunity to improve in many ways! 

Yes!  You listened... or better yet, read it well:  An opportunity to improve! 

  • Your relation with him:  A client that complains has not abandoned you yet to be gone with your competitors. He is there, expecting to be attended, for his problem to be solved; he is willing to confirm he was right when choosing to do business with you from the very beginning. Isn’t this great?
  • Your product:  What happens if the client is complaining and he is completely right?  What happens if your product has a real, visible and important defect, which you did not notice? It could be the opportunity to identify such failure and... give your customer a solution creating a better product!
  • Your reputation:  Well it is known that the negative comments spread like wildfire and they are more destructive than any another thing.  How many times have you heard that is easier to lose 100 clients than to get a new one? 

Can you see the difference?  Upon listening to this client, you have the opportunity of providing him with a solution to its problem, to improve your product and, at the same time, to generate positive word-of-mouth for your business or brand.

This client will surely share good comments about your business with his friends!  How much money would you have that to pay in advertising to generate such an effective message? Is very important to listen to your customers...  But truly! 

Not only listen to feel proud of your work and how well you have done it, but also listen for what people don’t like about your products, what is not positive, because is really there where there are opportunities for your business to grow and become stronger. 

It is surely unpleasant to listen to the client that we all know is going to complain about your product simply because he likes to do so, because his nature is such as to be complaining about anything.  But still in a situation like this, there can be something to learn... Who knows?

Follow this advice not only because we think you should but also because many specialists in various media are recommending you to do so.  If you listen for a while, you will see many things become clear to you. By actively listening, many opportunities could arise and, perhaps the most important one will be knowing what you really have to do to service your customers effectively, with no guessing.

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