Sunday, July 10, 2011

15 most common mistakes in Social Media strategies (Part I)

There are dozens of errors committed day after day by those in charge of developing social media marketing campaigns that can serve as a reference for you of the things that should not be done so that, at least, you take them into consideration.

Here we give you the first 5 out of 15 most common ones.

NOT HAVING A STRATEGY:  No strategy, no campaign.  Do not get started on social media, if you don’t know where you are going to.  It is not good if after driving for a long way, you arrive at the wrong place.  Establish concrete objectives and analyze your performance regularly, making use of all the available tools to check whether you are going on the right direction.

If it is not going good, you always have time to steer the wheel and redefine your goals.  If you don’t have a strategy neither measure your performance, you are wasting both your time online, and that of your users.

NOT BEING INVOLVED:  You wanted to participate in social media, without being involved on social media?  It is like if you wanted to learn how to fly an airplane just by using a simulator.  If you don’t get involved and live social media in your own life, it would be worth not to consider it as promotional venue.

The secret is in to stay put.  It isn’t about just participating for, well, participating just like that. It is about developing an active, continuous listening habit, but showing real interest and contributing with positive elements to each discussion in which you participate. 

NOT BEING PERSISTENT:  If you do not want to invest your time in social media, it might not be worth for you to even try it.  You have to be consistent both in quality and how often you share contents. Do not begin if you can’t finish, or if you are simply going to give up half way down when realizing it takes a lot of effort. 

Even if you want to give up, you should try to put yourself together again and continue. If you just disappear after a few try outs, it will be perceived as failure, and will be even harder for you to recover from the negative buzz. If you cannot be persistent, think about hiring a professional that could.  Trying to manage your social media online presence, just 10 minutes per day, is like wanting to lose weight doing diet only once a week.

NOT BEING AUTHENTIC:  Don’t you use false identities to secretly promote your company or brand.  Sooner or later, the truth can come up to the surface and you will get yourself on trouble while having to manage such a big crisis. Transparency is fundamental and it is more valuable the authentic, positive comment generated by a user who is pleased and satisfied, than thousand of tainted recommendations that can do your through false identities.

In social networks any person can approach your business or brands, in many different ways.  If when they approach you, you are not honest, direct, and clear you have then closed the door to the relationship and, besides, generated a negative reputation for your business or business. If you cannot be transparent, then probably social media is not for you.

NOT TO LISTEN:  It is not a matter of flooding the network with your messages, twits and posts, and even less if they have a "commercially oriented" feeling. You are going to be ignored.  You have to listen to what community users saying and act consequently.   

Make sure you listen to what they are saying about your brand, the industry, about the city, competitors, and else. If you make a good job listening and paying real attention to what they say, you will be able to make decisions. Focus yourself on generating good, appealing content and on a regular basis. 

Users like to get involved in dynamic communities, active, that offer them interesting content which invites them to participate on conversations and share their comments. Make sure you offer them what they are looking for.

And we leave it here for today. In part II we will put in your hands the next 5 things you should not do in social media.

We look forward to listening from you and receiving your comments.

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